Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Easiest post header I've ever written...

...would be "Oilers can't escape the Flames' past", seeing as how former Flames (draftees, even) scored 3 of 4 Phoenix goals tonight, including the OT game winner. Beautiful!

Didn't watch the game, though. Congrats to "one of the league's top defensive forwards" Mike Peca on his first goal of the season. Also, I was just checking this story about the scene at Reachall tonight, and I must object to this paragraph:
Logan Drysdale, who won his ticket in a prize draw, was dressed in vintage white Coffey Oiler jersey. The 34-year-old Regina resident grew up an Oilers fan in Standard, Alta. - the heart of Calgary Flames country.

I'm not trying to be a dick here, but if someone handed you a map and said, "Point to the heart of Calgary Flames country, please", wouldn't you point to Calgary? I mean, the city is right in the name of the team. Jeeeeezzzzzz.



I knew this post was coming from the moment Saprykin put it in the net.

Standard? Heart of Flames country? Puh-lease.
Standard is an hour east of Calgary, a little north of an Indian res., a little south of Rosebud, and just west of the massive government pasture/no-man's-land.
Standard is in the heart of Shithole country. And I know shitholes, since I - like most true Albertans - come from Saskatchewan.

No kidding. Isn't Huck like Smith over there?

It's the second most common name on our farm road.

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