Sunday, October 30, 2005


Blogroll Update

I've been meaning to include Razor with an Edge for a little while, but the fact that he works for Dallas always put me off.

But this morning two things prompted me to add him immediately:

1) This fantastic post of Letters to Hully, and
2) Discovering that the Razor is an Oilers Alumnus (42nd overall in the 1984 draft). It looks like he started strong too, replacing Fuhr in 4 of his first 5 games. Alas, being replaced by Sidorkiewicz 3 times in 7 games apparently doesn't allow you to stay in the show.

Anyway, poke around his site -- there is a lot of downright hilarious material.


You didn't know that Daryl Reaugh used to play for the Oilers? Next thing I know, you'll be telling me you have never heard of Eldon "Pokey" Reddick or Kari "The Hard Shell" Takko, either.

Better bone up on the Oil history Sac.

Can we make fun of Reaugh's coif, though? He looks like a cross between Kelly Hrudey and Meatloaf.

Very true. Recall, that at the time I was [shudder] a Flames fan. Ahhh, the foolishness of youth.

He played for the Whalers, too, I see.

Thanks for the tip on the site.

Does anyone want to explain what's up with all the Whalers nostalgia? ESPN Radio is like the fuckin' Brass Bonanza network, I swear to God. And I just about see more Whale throwback jerseys than Oiler ones on the street. If the Whalers ever had as many fans as they now claim, they'd never have left Connecticut--they'd be the Man U of hockey. I'm more than old enough to remember Daryl Reaugh, and I don't remember Hartford being a particularly cuddly NHL franchise.

And didn't this blog used to have two hosts? I can't imagine what Fenwick is hiding from--so far no one's so much as mentioned the Flames' Stomach Punch loss Saturday night.

Stomach Punch? I don't know, they did get a point. What was below that again? I see that the original article is now only viewable with dollars.

I became a Whalers fan around 85, and I am still a Canes fan today. Other than the Oil, they are my favorite team. I can't speak for others, but it isn't nostalgia on my part.

To my understanding, the Whalers are the one team that don't have any throwback merchandise for sale. That is to say, no one is manufacturing new Whale stuff that looks like old Whale stuff. You can find Jets, Nordiques and even the Atlanta Flames throwback merch in any jersey store, but I have never seen any Whaler stuff. Everything I own is original, including my Whalers jersey. That should be the same for everybody else, which means that there actually were and are alot of Whalers fans in this city. This doesn't surprise me. There were always lots of Whalers fans at every game between the Oil and Whale that I went to.

I'd chalk it up to the fact that Brass Bonanza is tremendously catchy.

ESPN is in Connecticut, though their claim of always being Whaler fans is somewhat of a myth (see the Acid Queen's blog for a fairly thorough summary on this).

My obvious answer to Colby Cosh's question is that people are pretending to have been Whalers fans because they think it gives them "old school cred", without them actually having to work for it.

Whalers jerseys (save for the last few seasons when blue was added to them) are pretty much the grossest-looking green things imaginable, so there's certainly no "attractiveness factor" involved with wearing one, that's for damn sure.

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