Thursday, October 20, 2005


Battle of Alberta II

Season Record: 3-3-1 Season Record: 2-4-1
3nd in Northwest Division
Tied for Dead Last in Northwest Division


Round II of the BoA goes off tonight. The Flames are 8-1-1-1 over the Oilers in the last 11. Brutal.

Word on the street is that Edmonton had a players only meeting on the ice in which they emphasized--among other things--the need "to just have fun out there." Yikes! It seems a bit early for that kind of talk.

I'm guessing that if the Flames score first, Edmonton is in for a beating of monumental proportions -- both on the ice and in practice

If Edmonton actually manages to score first, then we might be in for a pretty good game.

Speaking of enthusiastic coaching. Gretzky has a few comments both here and here that relate to yesterday's discussion of how to coach Crosby.

Since I don't really follow the Flames, I don't know how Lombardi's injury really affects them. Anyone?



First, that is a fantastic Coach Knight clip (headphones indeed recommended).

Lombardi is a definite loss, because he's not just a young, quick, "energy" guy (i.e. one of a line of dozens who have frustrated Flames AND Oilers fans by never making the leap). The guy is very good with the puck. In the Flames' 3-2 OT loss to Dallas, ML set up both goals with dead-on passes that were one-timed behind Turco.

I think tonight's game is going to be woollier than the first, and I'm calling Iginla potting the empty netter for a 5-3 Flames win.

Flames win 2-1, continuing scoring difficulties but kipper shuts the door.

Oilers win 6-1! :|

How could anyone hear that from Knight and not start laughing. I was killing myself. They should hire him to coach the Portland Trail Blazers.

Oh yeah, hockey. Meh.

"By the way, you got traded for me. See ya later." That's the funniest sports anecdote I've heard since A.J. Pierzynski kneed his trainer in the balls.

Tonight: Peca gets both goals in a 4-2 Oilers loss. Under the circumstances I'll consider that a break-even.

Is there any TV coverage of this game?

Sportsnet, at 7.

roger millions: Maybe they can use this double minor to put a couple nails in this coffin (10 minutes through the second period) ha.

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