Friday, October 21, 2005


Another game, another loss, another game

Season Record: 3-4-1 Season Record: 2-4-1
4nd in Northwest Division
Dead Last in Northwest Division


I have no comments on last nights game. I was forced to watch it with an incredibly boorish Flames fan (aka Matt). Brutal. Fortunately there was one other kind gentleman in the house who could feel my pain. Thanks for the night, folks.

Thoughs? Predictions? Sepuku?


Oilers 4 Avs 2
I hope they come out tiwth the same jump they had in Calgary

They had jump, but they still have no hands. We can claim the moral victory all we want, but the bottom line is the Lames have taken 8 points from us already this year.

Is it wrong for me to kinda want the Oilers to lose, just so I can be confirmed in my belief that not getting a playmaker was a fatal error by Kevin Lowe? Or is it too early in the season for that?

On another game note, I am glad to see Ethan Moreau carrying on the Kelly Buchberger-Ryan Smyth tradition of the obvious move up the side board in the offensive zone. I have always liked yelling "go up the side, Bucky!" at the t.v. screen whenever that move is made, as if there exists any other choice in their heads. As a defenceman it has to be comforting knowing that a player is ALWAYS going to try and squeeze by you on the boards when he comes charging into the offensive zone, and never being forced to think, "maybe he will come down the middle of the ice this time" or "is he going to try and cut inside on me?" It's like knowing that Randy Moss is going to do a ten yard curl on every single down.


Or another Oilers two-goal loss. Whichever seems more likely.

after two periods I think 10-0 looks like what its going to be.....this is like watching a train wreck

Wow. I wonder if Matt is enjoying this as much asd I did when the Indians beat the Yankees 22-0 in 2004?

Thank God I didn't waste my time watching this.

There should be a new stat for every time Hemsky passes on a wide-open shot in the slot to skate around the back of the net and try for a pass that doesn't connect. At the very least, it should get it's own term, like the Savardian spin.

Seppuku is looking a lot more attractive right now than at 11 this morning. Instead of doing it yourself, though, why not try whispering it in Bergeron's ear?

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