Friday, October 14, 2005



Just caught Survivor Rob being interviewed by Gene Principe (explaining how his brother was an "Oil-ah" fan and he was a Bruins fan). Am I the only one who thinks it would have been great entertainment if Gene had trotted out Petr Klima? ("Rob Marciano, this is your life!")

And oh yeah: does C-Mac have something up his sleeve, pulling Conklin 16 seconds into a period after a 2-0 goal that wasn't his fault, or should I take it as face-value lunacy?


Well, if Conklin didn't have a confidence problem before, that stunt certainly won't help.

Man, I hate Dallas.

Steve Ott celebrated that goal like it was Game 7. What a tool.


Even if you believe (which I might) that a goalie's confidence comes entirely from stopping multiple pucks, and not from snapz from the coach, it's a bizarre move.

What message are you sending to the skaters? Is it anything other than, "I don't trust Conko?" Or, "if we come back and win, I'll be the early leader for the Jack Adams!"? It's just weird.

He might have pulled him off and yelled at the team as he was doing so. The "pull the goalie to motivate the team" stunt.

Another sports orthodoxy which demands actual analysis. My guess is that it is as useless as "freezing" the kicker.

What message are you sending to the skaters?

I wonder if it isn't the other way around. That is, that Mac-T saw some reaction on the bench that gave him the impression that the skaters had lost confidence in Conks.

Man, I sure hope that isn't the case, because that can be tough to reverse.

I really didn't think the two goals were all that bad. Sure, the rebounds were big, but the defensive coverage both before the shot and after the rebound was just brutal.

Worse, I think the Oil faithful have turned on him, and there is nothing worse for a young player. Talk to Poti and Brewer about how their confident play turned to tentative play turned to useless play under the boo-bird microscope.

For Christ's sake. Young, sensitive flower Ty Conklin turns 30 in less than six months.

OK, so assuming Ty is not affected in the slightest by the move -- why? What was in Mactavish's head? I'm not insisting that there's no good answer to the question, I just don't know what it is.

In the post-game interview, Mac-T simply said that he didn't think Ty would be able to bounce back mentally from a goal like that.

Conklin has sucked for more than a month now despite repeated votes of confidence from the team. In general, winning teams worry less about the "confidence" of any one guy than about the confidence of the 19 playing in front of him.

Maybe we should be worrying about what happened to Mike Morrison's confidence when he wiped Conklin off the map in camp and got rewarded with a bus ticket to Greenville.

Well, the Oilers' loss is the Grrrowl's gain.

Don't you know, "we have to show him [Conklin] some loyalty".

After all, he has been such an integral part of this team for so long.

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