Friday, October 28, 2005


Alberta Oil beats Texas Crude!

I had to listen to this one on the radio, but it sounded like they played great. 5 goals on a very good Turco, D-vo gets a goal, Cross finally unloads his cannon.

I'm especially happy that they didn't pack it in when they gave up the 2 goal lead in under a minute in the second.

In short


My idea of a perfect day: the Oilers beat Dallas, the Esks beat the Lions, and the Roughriders' middle linebacker is revealed to be a HIV-positive accused rapist. Delicious!

It seemed like the Oilers were skating alot better tonight, and forechecking. I think that was the key, I had a sinking feeling when Turco made that circus save on the power play anticipating that the worm was about to turn. However, the Oilers fought back and showed some resliancy rather than rolling over and dying. Now if they can sustain that for a while...

The Oilers played fairly well. This time marc Andre threw one into the middle. Modano still can shoot. The Moreau/Morrow tilt was funny... Morrow was most unwilling particpant I have ever seen. They skated hard, forechecked and shot the puck. See what happens...

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