Tuesday, October 18, 2005


4 cups a Coffey

I wasn't living in E-town when Paul Coffey was gliding up and down the ice at Northlands, nor was I even an Oilers fan at the time; so, I'll leave to folks more qualified than I to provide you with the Life and Times. Better yet, listen to what he, himself, has to say on the Oilers' LiveChat.

However, I believe that I am qualified to express my hearty congratulations to #7 for an exceptional career.


I have absolutely no memory of him winning the Norris Trophy with the Wings in the '95 lockout season. Did this really happen?

I always figured he got less love than Bourque because he spent too many years of his career (i.e. the 2nd half) as a non-superstar, whereas Bourque was elite pretty much to the end. My theory makes less sense now. Why is Coffey so forgotten, relative to his peers on defense? Maybe a bad time to ask this, considering the amount of media coverage over the past few days, but...

I think a lot of hit has to do with how many teams he played for late in his career. I imagine it was tough for any of the fans from any of these other cities to really grow to love him (a la RB in Boston) when he was moving in and out so quickly.

Pitts - 4.5 years and one cup
LA - .5 of two seasons
Detroit - 4.5 of moderate production
Hartford - .3 season
Philly - 1.5 seasons
ChiHawks - 10 games
Carolina - 1.5 seasons
Boston - 1 season

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