Saturday, October 15, 2005


The #1 rule of golf... "not How, just How Many". I'm not convinced, having watched tonight's game, that the Flames were clearly superior, but I'm also not at all down with the Hughson-Millen line that Kipper was the only reason why the result wasn't reversed.

I'm sticking with my call that the officiating was generally solid, although there are questions. Stoll did get that stick in the face while being checked by McCarty. Brozdiak committed some textbook obstruction on Iginla. I still don't know why Winchester went to the box late in the 3rd. And yet, I'm worried that the alternative is worse.

This is still hockey (right?). The lads can't be afraid to push each other around a bit. Yes, we all want the skilled players to be able to perform, but it's still NHL hockey. Walton again: this is a game, played by men, for the ultimate prize. Kent Nilsson is rightfully not in the Hall of Fame; he had skills out the arse, but he was tentative about physical confrontations. I don't recall hearing "what a shame" complaints, at the time or since.

My prediction for tonight's game was pretty good: "Three-nil Flames, c/w some major unpleasantries late in the game." The result was still in doubt late, so I guess it's understandable that it didn't get really rough, but I still have the feeling that there should be more hate coming out of this game. I guess it all depends on what you like about hockey.

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