Thursday, September 15, 2005


It's heartbreaking, really it is...

In case you missed it, here's an unfortunate Oiler fan cursing the fact that Dion Phaneuf appears destined to wear Flames laundry right from the get-go:
It would actually be touching to see another Edmonton-area star product enter the league just as our very greatest player is leaving. But these Edmonton hockey players keep turning up in the wrong goddamned colours.

[blink] Is it a little [sniff] dusty in here?


So this "battle" weblog is just gonna be a Potemkin village for the Flames fans, is that the deal? Sacamano better put in some ice time if he's going to pull on the copper-and-blue.

It's a funny thing: whenever I write something relatively negative, critical, or frustrated about Edmonton sports, it instantly gets quoted back to me by Calgary people (in some venue or other) as though they put one over on me somehow. They have trouble detecting the implied cadenza to all these comments: "And then again, let's count the rings."

The thing is, Matt hasn't yet really had much to say about the Flames.

By my count he has talked about Edmonton born players in three threads, Ron Francis in one, some statistical baloney in one, and an introduction to the blog in another.

It is understandable, really, that he wouldn't want to actually talk about the Flames. I know I don't.

Oh, please. As if I put one over on you somehow? Both the excerpt and the characterization of it are 100% accurate, as far as I can tell.

And surely one of these days, the implied cadenza of all these comments will properly be assumed as, "This wheel-spinning in the mire of the playoff bubble is well into its second decade; I feel like jumping off a bridge."

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go Google 'Potemkin village'.

Oilers record after Feb. 1 '04: 15-6-4-3.

Just notify Matt's next of kin: this wheel shall explode.

Colby, they came in 10th. 10th!!!

Get over it.

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