Friday, September 23, 2005


Funniest thing I've read about the "My NHL" promo

Steven Ovadia at Puck Update:
I actually worked on some of the brainstorming for the campaign. I can talk about it because none of my pitches were accepted. And they were all pretty good:
  • Your NHL
  • His NHL
  • Her NHL
  • Their NHL
  • The NHL: Take That Lacrosse!
  • The NHL: You Weren't Liking Our Striking
  • Gretzky's Back! And This Time, He's Wearing a Tie!



I just saw the ad and I really, really tried to see Martha's double entendre; but, I just don't get it. What the hell is she talking about?

The woman dresses him in all kinds of encumbering padding and then says "it's time", and this is supposed to mean "remove all of your padding and take inappropriate advantage of my latent sexuality"?

The one thing I did find weird was that kid at the end. It's all about this dark warrior and samurais, etc., and then all of a sudden you get this happy little kid. He sort of creeps me out.

here is a post on something completely unrelated. The game last night. The absolute drubbing dished out by the flames. That felt good.

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