Friday, May 20, 2022


BoA Playoff Game Day #2


Bounce-back games are always interesting. And that game was such an utter circus that it's hard to imagine what happens tonight. Whenever a team (or in this case both teams) gag up a performance like that, there's always talk of needing to 'be accountable'. A google-image search for that buzz-word produces some pretty hilarious gag-inducing options that I hope Jay Woodcroft didn't use.  

Anyway, how will the players demonstrate their accountability tonight?  Has everybody now shaken off the playoff nerves so they all settle down to play the kind of hockey their coaches want them to play?  Do they come out overly-cautious to make sure they are playing 'responsible hockey' ? Do they slap themselves in the mirror before the game, scream "No more f-ing around!", and come out too hard?

The prevailing consensus seems to be that this game is going to over-correct and be a boring locked-down defensive affair. So, I'm going to go against the grain and say we still get buckets of goals. Let's go with 4-3 Oil in overtime.  Cody Ceci doesn't get the game winner, but he ends up being the hero of the night.


How many goals does Smith score on himself tonight?

Just enough so that the Flames say, "I can't believe we STILL lost that game . . . "

I like to imagine Mike Smith staring at himself in the mirror and giving himself a pep talk a la Leonardo DiCaprio in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Chris! wins the internet.

Ha ha. Beauty.

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