Friday, June 24, 2011


Welcome Home Big Fella!

In what is, without a doubt, the best sonnet I've ever written about a traded hockey player (from this March 5, 2007 thread on CinO), I predicted Smyth would be reborn in Oil.  Nice to be right for a change.

Smytty Sonnet #94

So crude we drilled his heart, and crude distilled
Flowed from his eyes, tempered and dilute.
His labour deemed unskilled, instead rebuild
With cheaper lubricant that won't pollute. 

The Oilers' Brass elected to go green
With virgin teen unsoiled by stinking oil
To cap the well that burst them on the scene 
Return the heartland to its prairie soil

So riches of the north go down in flame
While southern Flames rise up like northern lights
Smyth's combustion heart enkindles shame, 
Though primed and set, no broken hearts ignite.

But! Baptismal fonts flow with oil refined,
And so, with oil, is Smyth's rebirth entwined.

4-2 Oil (Smytty with the hattrick, assisted on all three by D-vo)

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