Monday, January 17, 2011


Monday Baseball Standings

**In the 20 games preceding the weekend in Ontario, over which the Flames put up a 9-8-3 record, they outshot their opponents 623-507 and were outscored 57-51.

450 saves on 507 shots is .888, which is a pretty bloody lousy SV%. My LOL of the weekend was Eric Francis suggesting on the Hot Stove that trading Kiprusoff would be a good idea as a means of tanking. Weird - Francis was better than anyone at setting aside the Cult of Sutter to judge Darryl on his merits; he ought to be able to do the same for the Cult of Kipper.

**Here's how I imagine the conversation between Katz and Tambellini in mid-April after season's end, if Katz weren't too busy trying to get even richer in the land development business.
Katz: Well Steve, since your 2nd hiring in spring 2009, you've shown me that you can assemble a shitty team accidentally, and that you can assemble a shitty team deliberately. What do you plan to show me next? And please don't say something like, you can assemble a shitty team, while on rollerskates.

Tambellini: [silence while he assesses Katz' question]

**Go Flames


Holy shit, I didn't even realize you were back posting here. Good to see.

Great line on Tambo by the way, now excuse me while I go have another drink to try and forget.

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