Friday, April 16, 2010


P.S. I am *not* a crank

"It's been no secret that Sheldon wants out of Edmonton. I've had numerous meetings with him over the last year I would say, mostly all revolving around the fact that he wants to be traded. And that's fine. The situation presents clarity for us on who we have to move, how we have to move to go forward. [...]"

"I want people that love to play in Edmonton," he emphasized. "This is an incredible hockey market. How can you not respect the people here that love this hockey club?

"Someone can have success in another market but you don't know until he gets in here. That's why I keep going back to if you can't develop your own core of expectations of what an Oiler truly is and respect for that logo, this city, then you're always going to be spinning your wheels."

Dear Mr. Tambourine Man,

As someone who happily lives in your city (or "market") but has no affection at all for your team, will you please stop with the blatant attempts to transfer the stench of your failure onto this fine municipality? Player dissatisfaction with your shitty organization is not equivalent to dissatisfaction with Edmonton. And while I understand that self-interest is a powerful incentive, it is nevertheless despicable that you and your equally hapless predecessors and colleagues continue to deliberately blur that line.




As someone who happily lives in your city (or "market") but has no affection at all for your team...

It's the city isn't it? Why do you hate Edmonton so much. We're tired of your kind, we only want people who want to live in Edmonton to live in Edmonton. Take your dissatisfaction and get lost!

Every time I listen to these guys I feel like I need a shower.

Well said Matt!

Here here.

Although I'm someone that has affection for the team but not the management and doesn't live in the city (though my sister still does).

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