Thursday, December 10, 2009


The More You Know

"We're still far from having a hockey team," Charest warned.

"We would need a multi-purpose centre and I believe in that project because a city of Quebec's size needs a multi-purpose building."

But one prominent sports economist suggests that if the project were truly smart economics, private investors would already be lining up to build the arena with their own money.

Michel Poitevin, head of the University of Montreal's economics department, notes that the Montreal Canadiens were purchased, and their Bell Centre was built, without public funds. So was the city's Saputo stadium for the Montreal Impact soccer team."
--"Quebec premier says NHL commissioner keen on team in Quebec City," Canadian Press

Bold mine.



Also, Stade Saputo is likely going to receive a $20-$25 million facelift from Charest's Liberals to lure an MLS team to Montreal.


Can you start posting about the Oilers? This arena stuff is just getting lame and completely one-sided. BORING!

How about posting on the FOUR game winning streak the Oilers are currently on? I know, too obvious!

Because nobody is paying any attention to the Oilers games but the mainstream media is full of people giving the arena goings-on a fair and balanced look.

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How about posting on the FOUR game winning streak the Oilers are currently on? I know, too obvious!

OR you could just buy an Edmonton Journal, visit, or something along those lines. Too obvious!

OR you could start your own website and talk about FOUR game win streaks to your heart's content. You can regale us with a rousing analysis of Zack Stortini's upside and grit. I hear blogger has an affordable hosting plan.

F'ing D-Nozz.

Five wins in a row, now. I sure hope they trade Hemsky for some more guys who can hit. He's clearly been the reason the Oilers have been losing for eight years.

I stand by my season-opening prediction that this would be a lottery team. The team blows, winning streak or not.

I also love how a well-informed opinion ends up as "one-sided" or often "an agenda."

Its Quebec. Why would a corporate guy put up tons of cash when he knows the government will bend over backwards every time (see Montreal F1)? Much cheaper to walk in afterwards and hook up an arena sponsorship deal using the marketing budget.

Totally different world out east. Hard to compare to our own situation.

Woke up this morning to "Former owner ties Oilers' future to new arena" as the headline on the Journal's website.

Note that the subtle threat of an Oilers-less Edmonton comes on the heels of a winning streak.

Also: how about posting more on how the Oilerz r awesome and wicked.


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