Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Thought for the Day

From a piece by Chicagoan Steve Chapman, Chicago Wins By Losing: Why losing the Olympics is a blessing in disguise for the Windy City:
Here, as elsewhere, public opinion does not always matter. When the mayor and assorted corporations and interest groups line up behind something, even a grandiose vanity project, it's a good bet they will prevail over petty malcontents.

Insightful? Not particularly. True, and well said? Yep-per.



London has the 2012 Olympics, and no one gives a toss.

It's all seen as just another racket, that does nothing for anyone but the special interests who promote this kind of dirge.

Hey, because we British Columbians are paying for the 2010 Winter Olympics, we're also getting to pay for new transit investments, midnight ferry runs, buildings that will never be used again, and unnecessary renovations to public buildings one of whose main tenants wants to move out!

So, from my perspective, when I think of all the money we're spending on the Olympics I am comforted by all the money they're letting us spend on other stupid things.

No game-day thread for The Battle of Alberta?

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