Friday, October 16, 2009


If only

If only the Oilers had a Coach who put an "emphasis on determining and going with what actually leads to success (wins) . . . rather than "hamstring[ing his team's] chances of victory based on some antiquated and unproven model of success".

"There's a thousand stats and the one I look at the most is chances, for and against," said Quinn.


Ahhhh, I'm just bustin' your balls Andy.  I could care less what he looks at, so long as he keeps those Irish eyes a smilin'.


Hey, I saw that quote and I was pleasantly surprised! No complaints here.

Nice mashup of quotes there, Terry Jones.

What's unfair about the way you were quoted?

I'm assuming he's not looking at that stat too hard given his choice of who plays the most.

What's unfair about the way you were quoted?

Nothing. I just wanted to call him Terry Jones.

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