Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Thought for the Day

The best way to win a lot of hockey games is to get off the bus with the best players.

-- Jack Parker, Boston University coach, career record 816-412-101 (via a Pipeline Show clip on TEAM1260)


That can be construed a lot of different ways. What do you think he meant?

I guess I can't be certain, but I took it as a guy who's been coaching ~forever explaining that there's no magic formula for turning a bad team into a successful one, or an OK team into an extremely successful one, from behind the bench/whistle.

And similarly: that results will shake out roughly in line with quality. A bad team is unlikely to be a bunch of great players stuck with a lousy coach, and vice-versa.

(Nice that we have Michel Therrien to be the exception that proves the rule.)

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