Tuesday, June 30, 2009


My Christmas List

No deal with Bouwmeester (though I'm not going to stomp my feet if he signs). Pardy for $2.5M over 3 years. Steve Sullivan for ~$2M/yr X 2 or 3 years. Kent Huskins (or thereabouts) for $1.6M over 2 years. Jason Labarbera for 1 or 2 years at under $1M/yr. And a minor trade: Miikka Kiprusoff for Ryan Smyth

Why it Could Happen:
Why it Won't Happen: oh, basically for the same reasons that I'd like it to. Smyth may be a bit overpaid, but he's a hell of a hockey player, always plays against the other team's best, and makes your team better at both ends of the ice. On a shift-to-shift basis, he was the best Avs player in every game of theirs I watched this past season.

Kipper's struggles have been monitored at some length at this site over the past two seasons. Darryl Sutter might be the only guy, along with some true-believing fellow Flames fans, who think he's a good bet to be an above-average goalie going forward.

But maybe if I close my eyes and wish really, really hard....


Any move this offseason that results in Kipper moving one way and value-for-money moving the other way is okay by me.

How come you don't want to sign Bouwmeester? Looking forward to 10/11?

As an Oilers fan, watching Smyth flip pucks to that little kid with the fake red beard after a pre-game skate would probably be too much to bear.

TSN says Bouwmeester has signed, but no numbers yet.



Andy, you're just disappointed that you won't see Smyth in a Calgary jersey...

Andy, you're just disappointed that you won't see Smyth in a Calgary jersey...

Pretty sure I would actually puke in my mouth if that happened.

Smyth could never be a Flame. 'Real men' dont cry when they get caught up in a trade they pretty much brought upon themselves..

And I would love to see Jokinen moved. Then I'd be good

But 'real men' who cry when faced with suspensions/civil suits/criminal charges that they pretty much brought upon themselves are the true stuff of the Calgary Flames?

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