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We are gathered here today to mark the passing of the 2008/2009 Vancouver Canucks. Let us pause for a moment of silence: to reflect on what might have been, but mostly to allow GM Place staff to clear debris tossed by petulant fans.

I was given the privilege of eulogizing the 2008/09 Canucks at Puck Daddy, and as you can see, I went for the blindingly obvious joke in the lede.

Whole thing here. Not my best work, but hopefully it does the job. Ironic given the title and origins of this blog, but I find it surprisingly difficult to be vicious and make sense at the same time.

Blast from the past: the gold standard for these pieces is Mike W's eulogy of last season's Flames ("We ask now that everyone remove their idiotic Stetsons as we bury your dreams.")


Haha, tough but fair Matt. You're still in our good graces for saying we'd win the division when no one else gave us a shot!

Until I read that, I'd forgotten the impressive intellectual firepower of the average Yahoo Sports commenter. Yeesh. Comedy's hard, Matt. You did OK, given how porridge the Canucks are as a team.

I'd forgotten the impressive intellectual firepower of the average Yahoo Sports commenter.

Yep. Love Puck Daddy, but that comments section is garbage.

It's 2009, I think we've all discovered the horrible truth that you can have a good comments section or a large number of commenters but not both.

There are essentially no exceptions to that horrible truth. It's an empiracal fact, as we used to say around here.

Sigh ... someone should eulogize Covered in Oil. Still yet to find another hockey site like it.

What's next, Mike Keenan's Eulogy?

Can I do that one? Pretty please! As a Canucks fan, you owe me that much.

Temujin: I'd like to read that one myself. Go for it.

Hey Matt! It's June 06 . Enough about the Canuckleheads. The Wings and the Pens are battling for the cup. It's game 5 and the Wings are up. What do you say about that and are you still posting to the Blog. Must be busy in Edmonton.

Aaron from Lethbridge.

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