Thursday, March 26, 2009


Five teams, two spots

That's about what it's down to, now. Dallas is toast (let's all have a facetious moment of silence). Columbus would really have to yak on the balance of the schedule to be passed by three teams. So it's the Oilers, Ducks, Preds, Wild, and Blues for the two remaining spots, and they're separated by but one game. The remaining H2H games involving these teams are:

Mar 27 (EDM @ ANA); Mar 29 (MIN @ EDM); Mar 31 (ANA @ EDM); and Apr 10 (NSH @ MIN)

All five teams realistically control their own destiny, as they're packed together closely and they have 8 or 9 games left. Something like 6-3 over the last 2+ weeks would pretty much assure any of them of a spot, though in the case of the Oil, they might not want those '3' to be the wrong three.

Based on both their remaining schedules and their wee headstart, the Oilers and Ducks are the best bets to get home, though the Flames could spoil a lot for the Oil (and Wild).

Speaking of the Flames, they're in Columbus tonight, and no I'm not brimming with confidence. The lads haven't had much success this season in the second half of back-to-backs, and the BJs are a good team who handled them last game at Nationwide (and significant parts of the two at the 'Dome).

But, what the hey. Calgary 3 (Moss, Iginla x2), C-Bus nil (McElhinney!). Go Flames.


Poor McElhinney. The guy is freakin' DUE. He's like Dany Sabourin a couple of years ago for the Canucks--you just want him to get a single solitary win.

Not going to happen tonight, though.

Looking forward to the April 7 game to determine the NW lead!

Oh please please please Columbus!

April 7th is going to be awesome.

Hmmm, Kipper is in net. And it's 2-0 CBJ.

Poor C-Mac

I'm not sure what's worse: losing 5-0 to a decent team or 3-2 to a bad one.

Oh, who am I kidding?

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