Thursday, February 26, 2009


More Real Life Adventures

So after 4+ years of highly satisfactory self-employment, I'm making a change, and I got myself a J-O-B. Mrs. Matt and I looked forward a bit, and decided that doing what I'm doing is sustainable indefinitely but not forever, if that makes sense. Also, with the uncertain economy and the whole "family to support" thing, the security of full-time employment was attractive. The specific opportunity was an excellent one too, so we decided to make the jump.

The leap involves relocating, so for the last few weeks we've been busy getting our house ready to sell -- which is a lot of damn work, and a big part of the reason why my posting has been even more sporadic lately. Now it's on the market, so we wait and cross our fingers. I start the new job on March 16, so with any luck, we'll sell quickly and then find a new house we like shortly thereafter. The longer it drags on, the more time I spend in hotels/friends' basements/etc. during the week and returning to Lethbridge on weekends, which is less than ideal; we'd like to get the family moved and start our new life in earnest ASAP.

I'm really not sure what this means for the future of this blog. As anonymous commenters are keen to point out regularly, I'm the only one posting here any more, and not too often at that. And shrugging off work stuff to eff around with stats and the blog is quite a bit more problematic when you're doing it on someone else's dime. :)

I suspect that -- barring a miracle, like the Oilers making the playoffs in the 6-seed -- we'll just fade away one of these days. I'll bug Kent at his new place the odd time I have something interesting and important to say (those adjectives being in the eye of the beholder, naturally). We've had a pretty nice run here, so I certainly won't shed a tear.

For the moment though, I'll keep trucking on here. Baseball Standings and random thoughts on Fridays, plus whatever else moves me to post when I have a second. And in case the site really does just stop being updated some day without notice, thanks to all of you who have been reading for the past 3-3/4 seasons. It's been a hell of a lot of fun.

Oh, and I suppose I should mention that the new job and future home of the Fenwicks is in Edmonton. Though I think we'll move into Sherwood Park, so that my property taxes don't have to pay for Darryl Katz's new arena.



How can you stand yourself?

Good luck with the new job, anyway.

Heh, thanks Peter. It definitely required some major soul-searching.

Your material will always be welcome over at the new SBN digs, of course.

Damn, what a horrid twist.

Let's hope your day job is as flexible towards blogging as mine (unintentionally) is.

Good luck with the move and the new job, Matt.

I sure hope you keep posting here; it's selfish but everytime something new gets posted here I rush over here to read it and it's always worth the time.

Good luck on the new job. My first thought was EDMONTON!!! But moving to Sherwood Park is deliciously evil because you use all of Edmonton's services but you don't pay for it, absolutely brilliant, of course it's what I expect of a Flames fan.

Move into the Bev Facey section fo Sherwood Park instead of the Salisbury one. You know, for the kids. Unless you're Catholic; then it doesn't matter.


I really hope this isn't the beginning of the end. The blogosphere would be losing pretty much my favourite writer if so. But who am I to complain? Blogs take up way too much time.

PS: Me and Chris! went to Salisbury. You don't want your kids hanging out at the "smoking doors" there (if they still exist).

Damn, this has become a daily check for me.

Good luck with the move, the job, and life going forward. Hopefully everything works out where you can continue to make fifteen minutes of my day that much more bearable.


It's sad to see you go, Matt, but I totally understand.

I hope you do drop some science over at Kent's place and that it's some stuff that supports a Lombardi vs Marleau argument;)

Seriously, though, you've posted some great stuff.

Matt, congrats on the new job. I will most definitely miss your postings, your recent post on Kovalev by itself would have made checking this site almost daily for near three years worth the while.

I am in Edmonton right now too. Don't worry, it's not such a bad place. I myself am having a blast.

Good luck with the new job and the move Matt.

First Andy, then CinO, now you.

Its a shame.

Thanks for all of the terrific writing over the years. Its been great.

Are your kids old enough to be firmly ensconced as Flames fans? It would truly be a tragedy if they somehow got converted to the dark side as a result of your move. Best of luck regardless, and I hope the spirit continues to move you to post at least once in awhile. Your blog was the first one I ever bookmarked and came to on a regular basis looking for interesting stuff. I definitely thank you for opening my eyes to the wide world of blogging, as well as to some of the advanced statistics being used.

Facey '97! Woot!

Facey vs. Sal has to be the only high school rivalry where everyone admits that one side is better. Admittedly the little Fenwicks are pretty far from high school, but the elementaries in the Park are pretty much equal, all things considered, so if you can get them the Haythorne/Facey combo for Jr/High, do it.

Are your kids old enough to be firmly ensconced as Flames fans? It would truly be a tragedy if they somehow got converted to the dark side as a result of your move.

Direct quote from my oldest last night: "We're going to be Flames fans forever, right Dad?"

Edmonton? Ugh...

I know all too well about overloaded schedules and how hard it is to get a post out when you have no time at work (cause really, who does that at home?)...

Best of luck with your new job Matt!

Go Flames!

Here's another of your many fans, Matt. I'll never forget the post about Peplinski and his underwear. And many other brilliant ones, like the lessons in using advanced stats. I watch and enjoy hockey in a completely different way now. And I keep hoping for a Canucks blogger who'd do the kinds of analysis you do. Never thought I'd enjoy reading about the Flames as much as I do.

Well, hope the move goes well, and that we'll still get the occasional post here.

Hoping your future holds great thing for you.

If you do move to Sherwood Park, you'll need a primer on our antiquated area/landmark names that are still in use today:
- the old Dairy Queen
- the Sword & Shield
- the old shopping centre
- the trees
- the birds
- the mansion
- wheelies

I'm sure P-OW, Mike W, & Chris! can help out with more. Good luck in selling your house and with the move.

Welcome to Edmonton, Matt.

And you may be suprised at how many folks post and blog on company time, though they usually make up some nickname.

You can be:


Direct quote from my oldest last night: "We're going to be Flames fans forever, right Dad?"

Aw, that's so cute. As a lifelong fan-in-enemy-territory, I appreciate the struggle they'll be going through, though I'd love to see one of them turn just to see what consternation it would cause. ;)

Hope you stick around, though. I've felt slightly guilty recently about stealing some of your baseball-standings schtick, mostly because I don't think I do it as well. (Though dammit, I was going to do GB8 thing weeks ago but thought it looked silly with the negatives.)

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