Friday, October 31, 2008


Friday Baseball Standings

**Enjoyed the game last night, though I think I've seen enough of Bertuzzi in the dying minutes (or worst, minute) with a 1-goal lead, thank you very much.

**Also enjoying: the recent comment threads at Lowetide. The rank & file are in a pretty foul mood. Related: if "The Answer" is still an appropriate nickname for Steve MacIntyre, what is the question? (Mine is, "How do you make the Oilers' 4th line as effective as the Flames' was last year?")

**Halloween Fun Link: from the FAN960's Mike Richards, a 45-second clip of TSN's Darren Dutchyshen answering the door for trick-or-treaters. Particularly recommended for those who like their parodies right on the nose. Bonus link: Steve Armitage doing the same.

Happy Halloween. And Go Flames.


I have to agree with you on Bertuzzi ... that guy was a fright in the closing seconds last night ... and he never got pulled off the ice.

ALSO ... the colour guy (Simmer? Not sure) made some comment in the third along the lines that the player was shooting for 'the 8-hole'. I know about the 5-hole, and I can figure where the first four are, but 8? Are there 8 holes now? Or ten?

Or did he say he was shooting at the A-hole? Which is less confusing, but terribly unkind to the goaltender involved.

Oh, it was Simmer.

Neither Conroy nor Aucoin/Vandermeer looked too sharp on the B's 2nd goal, but Bertuzzi -- HELLO?!?!? TODD??? He was last seen on the screen at least a dozen seconds before the goal, standing dead still on the far left wing offside dot.

I thought Bertuzzi on Phaneuf's goal was most instructive. When Iginla beats his man, Phaneuf sees the opportunity and pinches. Bertuzzi just watches. I imagined he could be a contributor on the team, but I assumed he would playing like he

Here's some numbers from the win streak. 99 is Iginla and Bertuzzi together, and that one really scares me.

With the number of younger players (Boyd, Bourque, Glencross, Moss) giving us results, there is no reason to reserve a top line spot for Bertuzzi. He should be playing on the fourth line with Primeau and Prust if he can't show us any different.

Oops. "playing like he used to, crashing the net, screening the goalie, etc."

Weird stat I just noticed: After ten games, Kipper and Luongo have played the same number of games, faced the same number of shots, and allowed the same number of goals. Kipper has played an extra 17 min, however, which gives him the edge in GAA.

Word verification: bertuts, (pronounced bertoots) a nickname for the forward who WON'T crash the net.

I think I've seen enough of Bertuzzi in the dying minutes

i call it the amonte effect: an utterly inexplicable coaching technique that puts the most useless, aging veteran on the ice in the final minutes of a one-goal game.

as for the B's 2nd goal, sure conroy really messed up and aucoin/vandermeer didn't look so hot on the ensuing 3-on-2 but bertuzzi gave up on the play entirely only moments before; with the puck at his feet he was too busy shouting at the guy that had (legally) hit him.


How did Stoll look last night?

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