Thursday, October 23, 2008


Flames Game Day

Flames @ Predators, 6PM MT, Flames PPV

I'll be giving the pay-per-view a shot this eve, now in HD and featuring new PbP guy Rob Kerr.

It was certainly nice to see Kipper put in a solid performance on Tuesday vs. the Caps. It was the first time this season that the broadcast team didn't have to use the phrase, "I'm sure he'd like that one back".

I wasn't blown away though, and this hilarious and on-point bit from Chris Selley, from three autumns ago, has been bouncing around in my head for a while:
Despite Leafs fans' unfailing willingness to climb inside their goaltender's head for in search of forgiveness — he was screened, it was a rolling puck, why the hell did Berg put his stick out?, he was distracted by a flashbulb, that was goalie interference!, well maybe if we had a Canadian captain he wouldn't have to make those saves, etc. — the fact remains that Edward Belfour's job is to stop all the routine shots and a huge majority of the "unstoppable" ones. These days, it's not happening. I like Belfour, and I know he starts slow, but the facts are the facts.

One of the key theoretical benefits of having better forward depth, as I think the Flames do this season, should be games like this one: on the road, against a coach who likes to try to exploit your third line with his best offensive line. Surely GlenX-Conroy-Moss should have more success neutralizing Arnott and Dumont in Nashville than Nystrom-Lombardi-Boyd did last season. We'll see.

Calgary 4 (Phaneuf, Glencross, Cammalleri, Iginla in OT)
Nashville 3

Go Flames.


Surely GlenX-Conroy-Moss should have more success neutralizing Arnott and Dumont in Nashville than Nystrom-Lombardi-Boyd did last season.

Speaking of which, Nystrom is healthy scratch again tonight.

Kipper still didn't look great the other night, I thought, but he didn't actually allow a weak one, which is definitely an improvement. I'll begin to believe a bit more if he can do it for a few games in a row.

Please report back on how the PPV product is. After that godawful mess they sold me (too many times) last year, I'm not spending my money on it until I hear some positive reviews. Otherwise it's Peter Maher and me with my radio.

I'm sure there's some sort of stream somewhere you can see the Nashville feed, if you want.

(Just doing my bloggerly job of denying NHL teams PPV dollars.)

Can someone please tell the Flames to get it together? I'm glad they're failing, but could they try losing 8-7 a few times? Iginla and Camm are killing me.

It's funny. During the Flames 03/04 season, when they went on the tear after acquiring Kiprusoff, it was obvious to everyone that the Flames were getting outplayed by everyone, except for when Iginla was on the ice. And Kiprusoff was Hasek-like, he won them game after game.

Obvious to everyone except Flames fans, that is. They'd bombard you with a dozen fuzzy theories on the reason for their success that were non-Kipper.

Now, Kiprusoff just can't stop pucks. And Cowtowners are loathe to admit it's a fact.

Why is that funny or even insightful? Seems pretty ho-hum to me.

Kiprusoff and Iginla were stellar in 03-04. Yes.
Kiprusoff is less stellar now Yes.

Not many Flames fans would tell you were had depth upfront in 03-04, I don't know who you were talking to.

The reason Kiprusoff is so respected in Calgary is BECAUSE Calgary fans recognized how many games he stole in that run. What's funny is how your revisionist memory is telling you the Flames fans thought they were a high-scoring team with forward depth in 03-04, I don't know a single person who thought that. Calgary won 2-1 games because Iginla and Kiprusoff kicked ass. It was obvious then, we talked about it then, and it's obvious now too. The difference is back then IT WORKED so why would Flames complain?

I don't get what your after. Meaningless commentary I guess.

Well I can't say I predicted that come back, but it was nice to see.

Iginla finally look himself after that first goal.

The Most Exciting Play In Hockey isn't quite as exciting when it requires a video review, but enjoyable all the same.

Kiprusoff is less stellar now Yes.

That's like saying that JFK was less alive on Nov. 24, 1963. Top notch.

As for Vic's point - he's right of course. There are a ton of people who thought that the credit went to the Flames awesome defence. I've had that debate with Falmes fans and it's not fun.

Wow, that was a shit game by the Oilers. Good think I can come over here and revel in...

Wait, what? They scored how many?

Fuckaduck, I'm going to bed. was obvious to everyone that the Flames were getting outplayed by everyone, except for when Iginla was on the ice.

Yeah, both of those "everyone"s, especially the first, are pretty significant exaggerations. And how many teams in the NHL aren't outplayed when their best player is off the ice? 2 or 3?

Kipper made a massive difference that season. He was awesome. Now, not so much. So Oiler fans have that going for them. Flames fans may have to console themselves with continued playoff berths and a couple of other 1st All-Stars.

This night never happened.


I considered putting a third "everyone" in that sentence, but I didn't want to be seen as a show-off.

And I just can't get into the whole trash talk thing, sensible people look awkward doing that (SEE: You and Cosh).

The Flames have a good team, and Kiprusoff has the potential to be one of the best goalies in the league, and he could be a disaster. Merely bad goalies can never be a sinkholes, because they get shipped out when it spins sideways. Famous goalies with huge contracts, though ... different story.

The smart money is surely on Kiprusoff turning his game around. Still, if you're a Flames fan and you've never worried about it, you're either foolish or you don't really care that much.

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