Friday, August 08, 2008


A month's worth

**Metrognome and new FHF contributor Cynical Joe have been doing a terrific job looking at what to expect from the Flames roster next season. It is the best Flames blog out there, and I hope you're all visiting it regularly.

**Lefebvre had an interesting and encouraging bit yesterday about Kipper, including a note that Keenan and new goalie-development-guy Jamie McLennan popped in for a visit -- in Turku ("They wanted to come to say hi to me here").

**walkinvisible spent most of a week in late July at the Flames development camp, and had a series of good scouting reports (e.g. i take it all back(lund))

**Finally, the Five Hole Fanatics guys and Kyle as well have been ruminating on Darryl Sutter, present and future. Barring an unexpected step forward for the team this season, this is a topic that will be discussed much more this year than in those past. I think it's fair to say that the goodwill he earned from the '04 run has been mostly exhausted, and I know it's fair to say that here in August 2008, the mistakes that he's trying to correct or compensate for are his own. I may not post much else of substance in August, but Darryl Sutter in a Box will be one such effort.

Today is 8-8-08, which means two things: I turned 35 today, and the Summer Olympics are underway. Go Canada.


Happy birthday, dude. A great excuse to pour myself an extra beverage tonight.

I have never been less enthusiastic about an Olympics in my life. About all that really interests me is wondering whether or not we'll see the Chinese kill someone on live television for something or other and, if so, how everyone will justify it.

Really, I'm losing interest in the Olympics altogether. Did anyone else here know that the Canadian Olympic Committee requires its athletes to sign a contract barring them from political speech in or around the Olympic venues? Yeah, the Olympics sure do represent the best of the Olympic spirit.

It's inspiring, isn't it? :) I find it helps to ignore everything except the Olympians.

And thanks, Earl. I may have an extra one or six myself.

Happy Birthday Matt! Have a good one.

Love the Olympic events, hate everything else that surrounds them.

These Olympic committees are all the same. Low level garbage. The USOC condemned athletes the other day for something that they (USOC) told the athletes to do.


Darryl Sutter in a box? Will you bother drilling airholes?

Happy birthday, Matty. Oh, and gooo Folk Fest! WOOT!

Happy Birthday!

Thanks for the links and esteem. I see those payola checks we're sending aren't going to waste ;).

I look forward to your Sutter piece. I may add another one myself before the summer's over.

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Usually, I'm bored out of my mind by the types of opening/closing ceremonies associated with these kinds of global sporting events. But this time, even I've got to admit, it is really something else.

I guess that after decades of working OT and taking no vacay, the Chinese really have an urge to throw a big party, just to flaunt their hard earned cash a bit, and just for the heck of it.

Either that or they simply want to showcase their racial superiority in that they are not genetically predisposed to any fears of height :)

One wonders what Phil Knight would pay to be able to do THAT.

I feel the same way as Tyler about these Olympics, but I certainly enjoyed listening to MacLean and Mansbridge today. They should put out audio tapes of them. So soothing.

Hey, happy birthday Matt!


I know this is off topic, but I've added your blog here...

If you want to change anything just add it from scratch to replace the current entry.

Anyway, some of the visual elements of the ceremonies in the Bird's Nest were okay. I'll keep my political views to myself... ;)

new goalie-development-guy Jamie McLennan

Whaaaaaat? How do you go from backup to goalie coach in one year? (No Garth Snow jokes, please.)

Also, happy birthday Matt.

Hey look, one day and they're already pissed about the judging. Are we surprised?

happy birthday, sir !!

thank you ever so much for the link...
i take blogging far more seriously during camps (development/training)...

Did anyone else see Theo Fleury's pro baseball debut for the Calgary Vipers yesterday? It was the definition of awesome.

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