Friday, August 01, 2008


Apocalypse, Please Come Now

Horror. Horror has a face...


Oh, thank heavens.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Keep on rockin'. And if you are so inclined, discuss: Bon Scott or Brian Johnson?


Bon Scott. An Australian limo driver playing bagpipes pretty much wins by default.

Celine does have some balls for trying that song, but oh god no. Never do it again.

Bon Scott....everytime!

Bon Scott.
And Sammy over DLR, if you get around to that debate.

Bon Scott.

Devon 1979, or whenever it was, the ear-melting music at the party is turned off, for a second, and Barry Jessome says, "A moment of silence for Bon Scott. He had a touch too much."

And Sammy over DLR

what? seriously? you sir are not a van halen fan. david lee roth was, is and always will be van halen. i can't even believe that people think this is something to debate.

Bon Scott but a mile. You can't listen to those early albums and not get amped up.

Bon all the time.... Art go back to your latex business. DLR was the best front man back in the day when Halen was good. The Re union tour was good for a laugh he still cannot sing. Diamond Dave is way better than Sammy... entertainment wise

oops my rant took me away from the topic at hand. scott.

Bon Scott.
Brian Johnson/Mutt Lange turned a gritty rock band into an overpriced soup of overmixed bgd vox and no bottom end.
Mutt Lange makes bands sound like he produced them. Bryan Adams, Def Leppard and ACDC should not sound the same.
My theory: with soupy sounds, very little dynamics and those background vocals that sound like a thousand people singing are tailor-made to make music sound better on AM radio.

Bon Scott hands down.

I will track you down for this.

Bon Scott.

David Lee Roth. are one sick bastard for making me click on that first infernal video. I'm scarred.

Damn straight. That was a direct assault on some underpinnings of mandom. Stop that.

Lowetide has the right idea. You may have been scarred by this atrocity, but that doesn't give you license to subject others to it. At least I was content in my prior ignorance.

This is a little sad though and scary at what may be coming

ON THE BENCH: The Oilers' Sports-Net TV colourman, Ray Ferraro, won't be back working with Kevin Quinn this season. Ferraro wants to spend more time at his home in Vancouver, and may do some work with ESPN. Former Penguins winger Rob Brown, who's done colour commentary on Oilers pay-per-view games, might be in the running to replace Ferraro.

Heyo, Chris here from Pittsburgh Puck Talk. I was wondering if you might be interested in exchanging links? I'm trying to generate a good network of blogs over the off-season. Let me know if you're interested!

~Chris @

No Ferraro? That totally blows.

No Ferraro and he might be replaced by Rob Brown? First Celine and now this? Life is cruel.

Re: Scott vs. Johnson

In my opinion they're 2 different bands. I prefer Scott's ACDC, but I can't really picture him doing some of their later stuff (i.e. Thunderstruck)

For that, fuck you Grabia.

I could have gone my entire life without hearing those first 6 words coming out of "it's" mouth.

Die, away from me.

Ugh! That was voted the worst cover song ever by Total Guitar magazine

As Scarlett said, Celine and Anastasia had balls for trying, although missed in this is our other "Diva" export's interpretation of this tune. IMO Shania Twain massacred You Shook me All Night Long far worse than Celine Dion.

Scott hands down.

Bon all the way..."death by misadventure..." Johnson makes AC-DC sound too much like friggin' Def Leppard.

You all say Scott, yet what is the one album you all have in your collection? Back in Black. Bullshitters, the whole lot of you. :)

Back in Black was the Bon Scott tribute album, silly. And for the record, my Scott-to-Johnson count (by album) is six to three. So there.

Back in Black was the Bon Scott tribute album, silly.

Who the hell cares? Johnson was the singer, Lange was the producer, and the album has sold 42 million copies.

Who the hell cares? Johnson was the singer, Lange was the producer, and the album has sold 42 million copies.

Well, not that popularity necessarily equals quality, but compared to everything else they did...well, clearly that album had something the others didn't.

(And I was somewhat kidding, by the way. I don't know if that came through.)

Andy: What position does he play?

On my official Lowetide Depth Chartâ„¢, I have Johnson penciled in as the 8th d-man, behind Lubo, Souray, Staios, Gilbert, Grebeshkov, Strudwick, and Smid. Scott would have been on the 4th line, instead of Stortini, but unfortunately Scott died, and MacT doesn't like putting dead guys out against Sidney Crosby. Guys who can't play hockey, sure, but he likes them to at least be alive.

My fave is Highway to Hell. Back in Black isn't in the same league.

Isn't Hells Bells on Back in Black? Great song.

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