Friday, May 30, 2008


You're The Great One, I'm Marty McSorley

Yes, I did have the pleasure of seeing the beautiful, talented and utterly fanf%@#ingtastic Kathleen Edwards tonight at the Starlite Room. Thank-you for asking. What? You want a video to help start off your weekend? Well, okay. Here's a new one, "I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory," from Edwards' new album, Asking For Flowers. It's a hockey-themed video, with guest appearances by Dave Hodge, Brad Delargno, Jim Cuddy, Paul Coffey and, of course, Marty McSorley. Other than the fact that Coffey is wearing NEW YORK ISLANDER colours (did they think no one would notice!?), I think you'll love it. I certainly did.

Have a great weekend, folks!



I love seeing Dave Hodge dance (and sing a dig at the CBC), and I'm positive Coffey had the same pair of jeans on when he taped Test the Nation with Matt and I.

Funny, last time I saw Jim Cuddy play, I don't remember that much finish as we ended his season.

Question: Are the '80's Oilers the team in NHL history with the most songs referencing them? I've got them with three: "Gretzky Rocks" by the Pursuit of Happiness and "Wayne Gretzky" by Goldfinger in addition to this. Oddly, as far as I can tell, four players are referenced in these songs: Gretzky and Kurri, which makes sense but also McSorley and Semenko, which seems odd.

Good stuff Andy.

Cuddy is a pretty nice guy actually. Always see him out and about.

awesome. watching Dave Hodge cut a rug is hilarious.

man, this country has it's fair share of lovely redhead entertainers - Kathleen, Molly Parker to name just two…

Crosby. everything's coming up Crosby.

if the Pens come back to win Lord Stanley's mug, i expect that the NHL will change things from crossbar to CROSBar, two minutes for crosschecking will become CROSBchecking, etc.


Andy - Did you have a chance to go up to Coffey and talk to him after the show taping? Not sure why, but he's become one of my favorite ex - Oilers. I dunno, maybe because he just seems so human.

I didn't, actually. Not really my style. Plus, I had to pee real bad, and Matt and I had to get to the bar to join the T.O. gang and watch the Oilers play the Avs. So it was pee and splitsville. Turns out we could have missed that game. Sigh.

I was surprised your name wasn't on the penalty list for that game, Ty.

I first heard this fantastic tune on a DNTO (CBC) podcast and then last week I saw Kathleen Edwards on Leno. What a beauty of a song, great video and jam packed with nostalgia!
That rink looks really familiar. I suppose given the supporting cast, it would've been filmed in the big smoke. Anyone know?

I kind of think it's St. Mike's but I'm not sure. There's some parts I'm not sure about (I know the roof there is curved, just can't remember if it looks like that). I'd assume that they'd want a place that could be lit half decently, which knocks out a bunch of rinks.

Pictures of St. Mike's here.

I've had a couple people mention the Leno appearance to me, so here it is. Letterman always has her on, as well.

Thanks for the video.

Kathleen Edwards is one of the many shows I'm looking forward to this summer at Pemberton.

She also has a song called Hockey Skates, on one of previous albums..

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