Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Test the Nation

For those who may be interested, it looks like the Test the Nation: Sports episode that Matt refrerred to in an earlier post has been moved up and will now air on Sunday, May 25th, at 8 p.m. (EST). Interestingly, despite our trip to Toronto, a prominent place in our team's section, and having cameras in our face for two hours straight, it appears that Matt and I will no longer be guests on the show. At least that is how it appears if one looks at the list of "Armchair Athlete" members on the Test the Nation page. Not to worry, though, folks. Paul Coffey will appear on the show as a celebrity captain, along with BoA favorites Mark Lee and...wait for it...wait...patience...here it is...The Team 1260's Bob Stauffer. Bob and I actually got into a gas-fight over a signed 10 x 8 headshot of Joffrey Zoolander during the shoot, but I guess that's also been dropped. Too bad, as I screamed out "moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty!" right before the show cut to commercial. Embarrassing for me, sure, but great television for the rest of you. It would have beat out the episode on Degrassi High where Dwayne and Joey fight in the bathroom and then Dwayne reveals that he is HIV positive as the greatest moment in Canadian television history. Sadly, it's not to be.

Edit: it looks like we are back on the show. As for the gas-fight, I've been told it will be an Easter Egg on a future DVD release of either "Little Mosque on the Prairie" or "Danger Bay." Look for it in a store near you.


I think the 8PM start time is "local"... so it will be 8ET on the HD channel, and 8 where you live on the neighbourhood feed.

I'm cheering for Casey. I never even realized I was a Bombers fan until just moments ago.

Go Casey!

No way that's better than "You fucked Tessa Campanelli?!"

MF's tombstone:

"I'm still not pretty enough for television."

Five years ago I would've killed at this kind of competition. But my NBA, NCAA and NBA knowledge has decreased and I'm not longer at my peak.

That being said, it would've been nice to have a chance to compete.

How did you guys land this gig and did they pay for your airfare?

I just looked at that list and there are some guys there that I would've liked to meet. Elliot Price and Mitch Melnick are guys I used to listen too in the old Expos days and it would've been fun to actually meet those guys in person.

As for Degrassi, I will never forget Joey's joke about Dwyane:

"He's in 8-D, D is for "Dozer.":)

I can't speak for Fenwick but Andy told me in confidence that he gave a handjob to every single male public servant in Canada to get that gig.

you guys are ridiculous, and i love it. SO SO SO sorry, how could the guests of honour not be on the list?!?! will be fixed tomorrow!

~ molly

No way that's better than "You fucked Tessa Campanelli?!"

Wow, I forgot about that doozy. I was debating between the time Shane took acid at the Gourmet Scum concert and was paralyzed, and the episode where Caitlin thinks she might be a lesbian. High art.

All the way with Stephanie K.

If you're name is supposed to be on the list of Armchair Athletes and it's not, please let me know: orvisg@toronto.cbc.ca

Update: just got a confirmation that a few names need adding, so I'll be adding yours to the list today :)

Oh geez, the CBC are monitoring you...quick everyone at their best behaviour. =4

Hey Hey Hey!

You made the grade! We will get to see your lovable mugs after all.

Poor old Snake; the boys had quite the time making fun of them that summer in the garage when Wheels was trying to fix up his car.

Come to think of it, though, it's not like I saw Wheels "tearing it up" with the women, either.

I'm sure Wheels got plenty of action where he ended up:o)

it seriously makes me laugh that "cbc" commented on a thread that alludes to one of the greatest moments in that network's history (caitlin's profane calling out of joey jeremiah)....

no point.

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