Wednesday, May 14, 2008



So, taking a break?

Ha, I knew that was explained well somewhere.

Nothing serious. Just a combination of (1) busy with work, (2) other preferred leisure activities at the moment, and (3) nothing to add to my season-long theme that the Wings are a lot better than everyone else. Pat @ Black Dog Hates Skunks had a pretty wicked post recently summing it up.

I was hoping this was a much-belated, round-about admission that Dion Phaneuf is a pussy. Anonymous shatters my dreams.

Hmm, what does this say about me and all the pictures of the dog, then?

Oh and thanks for the kind words Matt.

I have a ton of stuff to put up. I just need to force myself away from my patio. So far it's been a losing battle.

Here's a discussion topic...

Is it just me, or are there other Flames fans out there a bit uncomfortable with the images of the future of our franchise (with big fat contract in hand) frolicking in the ocean with a celebrity puck bunny rather than flattening some foreigners for Team Canada and keeping his game sharp?

Please tell me he won't be going hollywood and pushing for a trade to LA because he wants to be nearer to his career-minded girlfriend.

Matt, here's a question worth a post: What's the difference between Detroit's regular season success this season and in the past?

I think that's what's thrown everyone off of picking them to win.

I sorta thought of this while I was running around the ACC but injuries have a lot to do with everything and had they not taken two big hits to their top 6 D in last year's Conf Finals, it would've probably been Det kicking around the Sens instead of the Ducks.

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