Thursday, April 17, 2008


Flames Game Night

Game 5, Calgary @ San Jose, 8PM MT, CBC

A hard day at the rat races has prevented me from posting anything interesting (though as many of you understand, distractions on playoff game days are for the most part welcome -- it zips right by). (And if you're looking for something interesting, check this.)

I'm ready to cheer. There were stretches on Tuesday that were ugly (a lot of the 2nd, the last few minutes of the 3rd), but surely this series has demonstrated that what the TV guys call momentum can change without much notice or explanation. Once more: there's not much separating these teams.

Calgary 3 (Huselius, Aucoin, Iginla)
San Jose 2 (Michalek, JR)

Go Flames.


The streak continues. Has Matt EVER predicted a Flames loss, I ask?

i'm guessing that when you made your prediction, you were unaware that dion would be lining up with eriksson tonight....

Has Matt EVER predicted a Flames loss, I ask?

Flames never lose, the other team sometimes, sometimes scores more goals...we do not count that as a loss. :)

Looks like Michalek finally came to play... that's an unfortunate developmet.

Post! Dammit, nice shot Tanguay, it just sailed a little high...

It's just amazing how much more suited Primeau is for the 4th line. Wonder what it is? The lessened responsibility w/ simplified "Skate and Hit" mission?

Anyway, Primeau-Godard-Nystrom had a great shift that period.

Is Huselius just beyond salvation at this point, or is it possible that a switch will flip and he busts out for 3 points? I'm leaning toward the former, but crossing my fingers for the latter.

I think Loxam is at this game. I'm hoping that's a good omen.

Way better game to watch than Tuesday night's game. Good action both ways.

How bout them Stars?!

are these really considered penalties...?

Oh man, that Thornton breakaway was priceless. Deked himself right into a shot...from behind the net.

And Godard drops his stick in the Calgary zone... surprising nobody... but at least his 'fans' got to hear his name tonight...

this is going to come back and bite me but... eriksson's doing some nice small things this far..

It's not even FAIR that Kiprusoff can make saves like the one on the Thornton breakaway. How the fuck do you pokecheck someone like 16 feet in front of the goal line while keeping your skate locked to the left goalpost? God I hate that daywalking bastard.

well apparently the refs decided there wasn't enough scoring, and brought back the "new nhl" with some pretty ticky tack calls.

kinda annoying, b/c it was a very good game before all the nonsense calls.

Also maybe the refs could call some penalties on Calgary occasionally? Pretty much all the whistles on San Jose have come on half-hearted retaliations here. Does Farnsworth have to go into the stands and rape somebody to draw a call or what?

Lombardi scores!

Wait a minute...

Those calls on Primeau and Yelle were two of the weakest I've ever seen... especially the Primeau call

Anyone but Primeau, I'd feel bad for him (and a bit pissy) about that call. But Wayne Primeau... HOW IN THE FUCKING FUCK HAVE YOU NOT LEARNED THAT THOSE SHITTY HOOKS AND SLASHES ARE PENALTIES NOW?!?!?


In related news, I apologize for saying something positive about Wayne Primeau last intermission.

CBC goodness: Steve Armitage refers to some mysterious Calgary Flame named Joe Iginla, and then Ron McLean reveals his address on TV via his Hockey News subscription.

I have no problem calling things down the middle so I have to say that Cgy was in control of this game right up until the time that Pavelski tied it.

After that, SJ swung things in their favour but right off the bat Cgy was winning races to the puck and making a lot of nice little plays that were breaking pressure in their own zone and thus keeping the puck out of harm's way..

Campbell's still not jumping into the play and this is the first game that Michalek looks like a player and the reason why this series is so close -- as Matt predicted BTW -- because guys like Milan and Cheechoo are iffy and I thought they could bring it and that Campbell would bring his reg season game.

And neither's happened.

Finally, is Iginla any good or what? Whenever he's not on the ice, I'm thinking the Flames need about two lucky bounces to score a goal but when he's on the ice, I'm scared to death.

Yeah, some weird stuff going on at HNIC.

They've handed the highlight keys to Stock and he's running into lightpoles all over the studio and Armitage feels the need to grab people on the shoulder, and hold on to them for dear life, whenever he gets an interview.

Calgary's losing this game b/w their face-off circle and the center line. If they manage to get through that zone, they actually do okay.

and just as I write this, they don't , and it's 3-1


I think the TSN turning point was when Lombardi (just) failed to convert that SH partial break.

Langkow makes it 4-2, but that's still a long ways to go in 11 minutes.

Roloson would have totally gloved that last shot from Cheechoo.

This looked like one of those games where Keenan just had too many guys to hide in the line-up.

Yeah, totally. Everytime they show a shot of Iginla on the bench I'm thinkinh "uh-oh, where's Joe Thorton?".

Then the Sharks get a 5 star chance.

Holy crap, just when I was thinking it was time to send out the goon squad...

At least they aren't going quietly.

Too little, too late...

Too many stupid mistakes in the middle...


And why do these games always have to be on a worknight, those of us on the East coast are seriously losing sleep...

Fuck, did the Sharks ever have their draw weight down pat there at the end. Jeez, they had two *perfect* clears that just rolled deep but not deep enough for icing.

The NHL just HAS to change the playoff seeding. There's no damn way these two teams should be playing in the first round.

As much as the Flames carried the first 30, SJ owned the first 10 min of the third and Wilson sent Joe T out in three of the first five shifts. Looked like he was determined to go down with his best players; even though I'd still play Grier and Co vs Iginla.

Flames are having a tough time scoring at EV and now the Sharks are getting a few guys going besides Marleau and Clowe.

HNIC has been something to behold in this series though, haven't they? Ron and Kelly wearing their Flames gear and Hrudey just flat out lying to people when he says thinks like how Nabakov stole G5.

It's not even FAIR that Kiprusoff can make saves like the one on the Thornton breakaway. How the fuck do you pokecheck someone like 16 feet in front of the goal line while keeping your skate locked to the left goalpost? God I hate that daywalking bastard.

Pokecheck? There was no pokecheck. That was all Thornton, baby. The puck rolled a bit, and he froze up.

Nabokov did look pretty damn good, stoppoing 29/30 even strength shots.

Ecspecially considering Kipper let in 3 on 22.

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