Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Flames Road Trip

Mrs. Matt took this picture, out the window of the U.S. Departures / Calgary International Airport a bit less than two weeks ago. She was headed to Vegas, and the Flames were off to the O.C. ("They treat those bags like they're packed with fine china, especially compared to how they handle regular baggage.")

The Flames kick off a 4-game roadie tonight somewhere in Maryland against the Caps (5PM MT, Flames PPV). It's an open question, what kind of mental state the Caps will be in, having likely surrendered their playoff hopes on the weekend with two agonizing late-regulation losses.

Hate to say it, and I admire what the Caps have accomplished this year since punting Hanlon down the road, but the smart money says they won't be as good when they don't have anything to play for.

Calgary 3 (Nolan x2, Moss) Washington 2 (Ocho, Green). Go Flames.


Psst... the Caps haven't played in Maryland in more than ten years - they're in downtown D.C. now.

Any idea what the Flames' goalie plan is for the next two nights?

N/m - the WaPo beat writer says it's Kipper tonight.

Doesn't look like Moss is dressing tonight. how about Primeau for the 3rd goal?

Jimmy Hughson signed a 6 year deal with HNIC today. We get to listen to his "great save Luongo" with a Toskala name from now on...

Ouch. Right score, wrong teams.

The problem is most teams that are long shots start playing loose, then they want to play spoilers.

See the Leafs, Toronto Maple and their 3rd annual play just well enough to finish 9th and get a 15th overall pick instead of a top 6 and an awesome prospect (Jesse Ninimakis, Steve Kellys, Jason Bonsignores of the world not withstanding).

Did you see that 'Alexandre Ovickhen' blow a tire on that empty net? What a loser! He won't be in the NHL long, mark my words.

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