Friday, February 22, 2008


Quarterly Report

Nashville's been great, St. Louis has been bad, 15 points in your first 20 games is a very difficult start to recover from, and Anaheim has been good but not dominating as they stock up.

I continue to forget just how poorly the Caps did in the early season. Good on them for getting right back into it; I guess though it's very difficult, it's possible. Also, get a better goalie, and you could well shove it up the noses of everyone who whines about how unfair it is that you get the third seed.


Assuming that the Oil don't completely tank it in the last 20, I can already tell you what we're going to hear in the offseason from Lowe et al. "The first 20 was a gelling process, with new guys adjusting to the NHL and this team. We don't have any holes."

Then they'll finish 10th next year.

Then they'll finish 10th next year.

Don't forget the "We know we're short on scoring/defense/good players, but we're just gonna give them till Christmas so we can evaluate and make a deal from there"

And, of course, when Christmas comes and they're in 10th and clearly deficient in at least one area, nothing will happen.

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