Thursday, January 31, 2008


"I felt like I was 31 again."

Glossary addition!

Owen Nolan Hat Trick: an actual hat trick, combined with a Nolan Ryan-style pounding of a younger, overmatched opponent.

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How bout just calling it the "Owen Nolan Ryan"? Should probably mention being publicly excoriated by a member of teh intarweb before potting said hatty, too.

Shouldn't there be some qualification about going nine years between hat tricks?

How about an award for Tanguay for absolutely carrying this guy much of the year. The third goal is priceless as Tanguay picks up the turnover takes two defensemen with him, STILL gets the shot away ON GOAL and Nolan who has been coasting the ENTIRE length of the ice shovels in the garbage. (but he gets to leap into the air for extra style points)

Tanguay had an awesome night last night. Seems like the stupid rumours have quieted a bit, which is good news.

The best part about Tanguay/Conroy/Nolan last night is they scored 3 while playing against Joe Thornton all game.

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