Friday, December 28, 2007


WTF: A Retrospective

Two questions from last night's game:

1) What the hell was Robert Nilsson doing on that second Ducks goal?
2) What THE HELL was Sportsnet doing showing Chris Pronger touring the Stanley Cup around this summer? Who thought that was a good idea? Who? Why not just throw in Doug Weight touring around with it the summer before, the Steve Smith goal, the Gretzky Trade press conference, as well as a clip of Bambi's mom getting gunned down? I mean, WTF?

Cosh has pictures up of the Accidental Summit that occurred last evening. It eased the pain, that's for sure. Thanks to Mike, Dave, Fish, Garnet, George Chang and Cosh for the great night (look, Mike, no links!).

p.s. Ducks fans, don't get too happy about last night's win. Your team looks awful.


Yeah, the Pronger thing threw me for a loop too. Maybe SN West are all secretly Flames fans?

When I flipped back to see if it had finished yet (it hadn't), there were scenes from the public showing in Dryden. They'd put up jerseys from Saint Louis, Anaheim, and Edmonton. I didn't see a Hartford one, and I'm surprised his wife allowed the Oilers jersey on stage.

His wife wasn't there to object. You think someone who finds Wolf Willow too brutal to tolerate is going to even set foot in a mercury-tainted hellhole like Dryden?

Sorry, Grabs. I only got to see the third period yesterday, but regardless of how the team "looked", it's tough to rain on my Niederparade at this point.

I'd have thought the start of the parade was contingent on Niedermayer actually playing like Niedermayer.

I thought about y'all when that feature started. I couldn't believe it either. It's been making the rounds, but surely somebody could have seen it was a bad idea.

Maybe Scott was off last night, I didn't see it all--all I can tell you is he kicked ass against the Sharks thrice last week, plus once on the Avs. I'll trust your eyes on yesterday, but I'm not going to fret too much based on it.

Maybe it was ugly, but that's still 5 GA in 5 games since Niedermayer's return. I'll take it.

Hey, Lupul got another 3 points today (Saturday). go lupul!

Hey, Lupul got another 3 points today (Saturday). go lupul!

Saw that. It was against the Tampa Bay Lightning. He should be embarrassed for only getting three points.

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