Sunday, December 16, 2007


Son of a Nutcracker!

Too tired to say much, but don't want to end the night on the downer that is the previous post. Let's just say that the evening couldn't have been much better for me. I spent the night with Loxy, Colby, Nate, and Van (the Prez showed up for a bit too!), and watched Scorcoff and San Fernando win us the game. Just an amazing night. That's two for two with out-of-town visitors and watching at Brewsters, too. Son of a nutcracker, what a night!



Asiago cheese?

Any particular reason why the previous thread is closed?

Also, just 'cause, GOILERS and Go Scorcoff and San Fernando. I just knew with those two going up we had it in the bag.

Damn Asiago cheese!!!

Boooooo. What a lame game! Shootouts should be outlawed, as they are ruining the integrity and traditions of hockey.


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