Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Hocus-Pocus explained the situtation to Santa, who as you know, speaks fluent rabbit.

No, I'm not aiming to start any campaign here. But I felt pretty good doing that this morning, even though the process is a pain in the rear. He deserves it. You can make your own selections for the NHL All-Star Game here. Happy voting!


Why aren't you aiming to start a campaign?

I nominate Andy for Chief Draft Scorcoff Campaign Organizer.

I tried to vote Osgood in as a write-in and decided to stab myself in the temple instead. Way too difficult for me.

We'll be liveblogging tomorrow night if you guys want to drop in.

I did my civic duty and voted!

It's amusing to see how many oddball names are on the ballot every year. I mean, seriously, Scott Hannan and Hasek?

iwocpo! Sup!

Mike...what's up brother? Just trying my best to generate a goalie controversy in Detroit. Nobody seems to be taking the bait. Bastards.

Nobody seems to be taking the bait. Bastards.

Really? I would have thought that was obvious.

I'll drop by tomorrow. Fo' sho.

I think NYR defensemen Thomas Pock should be the scrub-player everybody votes for now that Rory is out of the league.

Why? Because I want all the holier-than-thous like Gretzky and Bob Cole to be forced for the rest of time (or at least the season) to refer to Pock as "all-star defensemen Thomas Pock"

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