Thursday, December 13, 2007


Good times, good times

No, hockey would stink if every game was like that, but that result was enjoyable. The Lightning are crazy, like no other team I've seen in the league: just a wicked counterattack. If I coached against them on a regular basis, I would come as close as I could to fining my players for drop passes (and the old "cut around the net and dish it into the slot" is a frankly hazardous play against them). Cripes they turn it the other way fast.

Naturally, all the negative aspects of their style were on full display tonight as well, but to a large extent, the 9-6 score was just luck. Iginla, St.Louis, Lecavalier, and Richards shot a combined 75% from the high slot -- they're great players, but most days a bunch of those shots don't go top corner, like they did today.

Anyway, that's all I really have to say... I mainly posted because I wanted to use this header, having just watched the end of Saturday Night Live Christmas (The Delicious Dish: Ana Gasteyer, Molly Shannon, Alec Baldwin). It repeats from 1030-1200 MT on a NBC West Coast channel.

According to my limited research, this is the first time Calgary has scored 8 goals in a game, let alone 9, since a year starting with "1".

Go Flames. (And for tonight, go Sharks.)


STUNNING win by the flames tonite
great job boys the momentum is unstoppbale! no other team in the LEAGUE can boast an offensive core that can score 9 goals in a game. NO OTHER.

Sharks cruised, Canucks bruised.

Don't ever change f4f.

Sigh . . . f4f, as much as I hate to make fun of a fellow flames fan, I encourage you to take a look at that Colorado game from a few nights ago.

Maybe f4f was on to a PP with Christian Bale. Batman just might be "unstoppbale." Course Batman's in a different league altogether. A Justice League of some sort where suspensions are rare, despite rampant head shots and other reckless acts. Even Kiprusoff Superstar would have trouble keeping the Justice Leaguers at bay. Or is he a member? Perhaps Superstar's a member of Justice League International, but not of Justice League of America. Good ol' JLA...where a rested Roli-San, with the help of deadly Hemmershot, took down the vaunted Gumbinator in a bonafide shootout. Good times, good times.

Or maybe f4f is a clever satirist, the Jonathan Swift of our day.

I've been playing with a spreadsheet recently, predicting the outcome of the western conference based on the current win %. Although things can obviously change (and have, even over the short time I've been keeping track), there are a few constants:

Detroit will finish the season with ~125 points. They've been pretty consistent so far.

LA has also been consistent. They'll finish between 65 and 70.

A playoff spot will take 88-90 points.

Some other interesting points: Detroit could play, for the rest of the season, as badly as LA has played so far and still make the playoffs. In other words, 31 games in, they have effectively clinched a playoff spot.

Even if Calgary keeps up their pace of the last 6 games (83%), they don't have a shot at the President's trophy, unless Detroit falters.

Even capturing the division title will depend on Vancouver continuing to falter, or Calgary continuing to win. We need a 66% rate to overtake the Canucks for the top spot.

The good news (for Calgary fans) is that we need only play like a top 6 team in order to qualify for a playoff spot. The bad news is that so do Anaheim, Nashville, and Chicago. All four teams have demonstrated that they are capable of such a performance.

Incidentally, for Edmonton fans, you guys need to play like a top three or four team in order to qualify. And even if you do make it, there are no shootouts in the playoffs.

Good times indeed for both sides of the BofA. Thanks Matt, for the SNL heads up. My Christmas isn't complete until I've had a healthy helping of Shweaty balls. Mmmmm good!

tampa's got that whole "shoot first, think later" mentality going for them. I call it "fast and loose". While it's really exciting, it doesn't always work... (ahem, ref. Leafs 6-1 pouncing). And they have a frustrating habit of coughing up leads....

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