Friday, November 16, 2007


I think I'm fine with this

Sheldon Souray's arm has fallen off, and he's out forever indefinitely. Funny thing is, he has no history of injuries, so there's no way management could have predicted this when they acquired him. It's just shocking. It really is. Shocking.

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Hey-- the Wolf Pack Lego guy!

Yup. Man, I wish the Lego Museum was in my hometown.

Fun fact: the injury-prone Sheldon Souray has played in precisely the same number of regular-season NHL games over the previous two seasons as renowned iron man and the-one-that-got-away Ryan Smyth.

Over the previous three seasons? Er, look over there! (points, runs)

Back when we got SS, when I was hmmmm-ing the acquistion, my Habs fan friend told me, "Sheldon's got a few years left in long as he doesn't get injured."

Thanks in part to Souray the Oil are within a Tlusty erection from the cap limit, but are tanking because they really need that no. 31 draft choice.

they really need that no. 31 draft choice

Too bad we won't get that one, either.

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