Friday, November 30, 2007


Did somebody mention rock bottom?

Luc Robitaille, described by Duhatschek as rising fast in the L.A. Kings front office, has been thinking outside the box on how to increase scoring:
“If you stick to what the rules are and call them all night – the more power plays there are, the more scoring chances there should be,” said Robitaille.

Super. You know, I'm going to ignore hockey for a while, until (at least) tomorrow night at 8. Bye.


More powerplays? Come on Luc. There's better ideas out bigger nets. Totally non-traditional, but these goalies aren't exactly wearing traditional equipment in the sense of Glenn Hall, Terry Sawchuk, or Jacques Plante. Or even Grant Fuhr in the Oiler days. You could actually see the net back then. Now? Good luck.

As a bonus to all other NW division teams, Luongo would retire, because you know, it would be tougher get three straight shutouts. Let's see, that 4 votes right there.

"Luc, where did you come up with this insight and knowledge?"

Luc: "I don't know, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn last nite!"

Oilers above us in the stands? Thanks to beating a team we recently lost to?

Now THIS is rock bottom.

Give teams an extra point, win or lose, if they score 5 goals in regulation. Problem. Solved.

MG: Last I checked, the Flames still had 1 point on the Oil, but with 1 more GP.

MG: Last I checked, the Flames still had 1 point on the Oil, but with 1 more GP.

Yeah. I posted the previous comment before they gained the loser point last night.

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