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Where Would We Have Gotten That Idea?

At a meeting with The Journal's editorial board on Tuesday, Mandel downplayed the public perception that the downtown site is the preferred or likely outcome.

"That's got nothing to do with me," he said breezily, noting the committee will look at other locations.
-Mayor Stephen Mandel, October 10, 2007

Mayor Stephen Mandel says he would support a proposal to build a new hockey arena in downtown Edmonton that could be part of a $1-billion development.

"We think you can design it in such a way to incorporate that as part of downtown. You link downtown, North Edge (residential development north of 105th Avenue), and Downtown East through a stadium that's going to be used a lot."
-December 22, 2006

Mayor Stephen Mandel has said he would look seriously at building a new downtown rink that would be part of a $1-billion complex of shops, businesses and a hotel. Who would pay for what is part of the discussion.
- January 18, 2007

But that's too much to spend on a renovated building, said Mayor Stephen Mandel, who suggested the report only bolsters the case for a new arena to be built downtown.

"Two-hundred-and-fifty million dollars is a fair chunk of change on a renovation, and you end up with a renovated building versus something you build from scratch with new technologies and all the new things that you have and need for a facility," Mandel said.
-February 22, 2007

A decision on whether to take the "bold step" of building a new downtown arena to replace Rexall Place could be made by mid-summer, Mayor Stephen Mandel said Thursday...

"People see this as a great opportunity for additional rejuvenation of downtown, that the city can put an icon downtown," he said. "I think the time has come for us to make a bold step."

Mandel doesn't think Edmonton can support two arenas. Instead, he sees "incredible potential" for redeveloping the Rexall Place property to anchor a refurbished 118th Avenue.
-February 23, 2007

Mayor Stephen Mandel will soon announce a blue-ribbon committee to examine building a $400-million arena in downtown Edmonton.

The downtown arena, an idea talked about in Edmonton for years, would be built on the site of the downtown post office just north of city hall.
- April 18, 2007

But Best and Bouma said it is too early speculate on where the facility might be located - its current location at Northlands Park, or downtown.

Mayor Stephen Mandel said he wants it downtown. "That's why I'm not on the committee," Mandel said.
-April 24, 2007

Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel gets it. That's why he's been pushing the idea of a downtown rink for months. And that's why Mandel and city manager Al Maurer will launch a committee today to take a hard look at the concept.
-April 24, 2007

Best and Bouma say their minds are open about a possible location for the new arena, but Mayor Stephen Mandel, who is not a member of the committee, wants it downtown, preferably on the site of the old Canada Post building next to the CN tower and northeast of City Hall.
-April 25, 2007

"Generally, having BC Place Stadium and General Motors Place downtown has been very positive for Vancouver," says Michael Gordon, senior downtown planner for the City of Vancouver.

"The more downtown Edmonton can be supported in terms of its shopping and its hotels, the better. And (an arena) in some capacity would encourage residential development as well, because it's more reason for folks to live downtown."

"So I think (Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel) is certainly on the right track to be encouraging this. That's certainly what is being pursued elsewhere, and it seems to be working."
-April 26, 2007

It's unknown why Katz made his move now. Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel recently struck a committee to explore the idea of building a new downtown arena to replace aging Rexall Place where the team plays, but it has barely begun its work.
-May 5, 2007

Mayor Stephen Mandel, a strong booster of a downtown arena, said Friday that such a poll is premature. "We have nothing to compare; we have no idea what it's going to cost and we haven't gotten back any funding formulas," he said. "They don't have any funding formula for the $250-million renovation they've looked at for Northlands."
-June 2, 2007

Okay, so let's be fair. The key proponents of a new downtown arena -- including Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel -- have yet to answer some big questions.
-June 7, 2007

The question of a downtown arena seems to be flying under the radar this civic election, rarely raised by candidates or voters. Yet it's likely to be one of the biggest decisions facing a new city council.

In early December, a committee struck by Mayor Stephen Mandel to study the feasibility of such an arena will give its report. While public opinion is cool to the idea, Mandel is a big fan. So is the committee chair, businessman Lyle Best.

"The spinoff benefits to cities are phenomenal," Mandel said in a recent interview
-October 1, 2007



Wow, impressive.

The Ministry of Love will be coming for you shortly.

Awesome. Too bad Edmontonians never get to see stuff like this in the Journal.

Man, is that all? I'm not sure you've really got enough to make a case, there.

Man, I wasn't annoyed or mad until I read this.

Mayor "Howie" Mandel is a f*ckin' liar. A weasal. And a douche bag. I don't live in Edmonton, but I own property there. If you vote for him, you deserve to fiscal rape you're about to suffer for the benefit of the PocklEIGton mafia.

If we sell our oil leases to the japanese and chinese oil companies they will pay 4 billion a year more in royalties.

Plus it will create the need for fully refined crude to be shipped out of Prince Rupert. At Chinas rate of consumption we could create ten new refieries in the Grande Praire and Slave Lake regions. A whole shit load more tax payers.

Then we could get the province to pay for it.

Oh thats right no one in this province has the balls to call the current oil companies bluff.

I guess I will have to F***ing pay for it with my taxes.

rickibear said...

Oh thats right no one in this province has the balls to call the current oil companies bluff.

Ding ding ding!

Nice rundown Grabia. I'm not holding out hope for the media to debate this one properly.

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