Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Oilers Game Day

I'll be over at Covered In Oil tonight. Come join me. Matt's game day post is here, Flames fans.


The cyber beers are on us!

Prediction time: Coilers 0, Wild 3

gagner leaves the game with a broken rib

guys, turns out that I only have cyber Fanta...

coil are getting dominated once again

is craig simpson still running the PP, btw?? perhaps by satellite?? the results would suggest as much

Does fever4falmes still route his digestion up through his mouth?? the results would suggest as much.

(that means I'm suggesting your mouth is an anus and your opinion is like poo)

u coilers fans really are a classless lot. its no suprise you turn to profanity and ad homenims when the facts are a little too "inconvenient" for you.

enjoy your shutout loss tonite, greasebox.

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Do you eat through your bum, fever4poo?

deadmontonians are classless ruffians.

oh good-- another pp for the coil. that means that the wild are safe for another two minutes.


Well, I think I'll enjoy the Oilers loss much more than others might enjoy observing the effects of your congenital defects.

I wouldn't want to be anywhere near your burps.

When you LOL, do you make sure you're eating a mint?

im glad youve come to terms with the coilers losing tonight.

get used to it.

Sorry, all I could hear was a sort of squelching...

Worms got your tongue, anus4poo?

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