Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Moreau Named Oilers Captain

The Edmonton Oilers have announced that Ethan Moreau is their new captain. As the press release notes, Moreau is the 12th captain in the team's history:

Moreau joins Ron Chipperfield (1979-80), Blair MacDonald (1980-81), Lee Fogolin (1980-81 to 1982-1983), Wayne Gretzky (1983-84 to 1987-88), Mark Messier (1988-89 to 1990-91), Kevin Lowe (1991-92), Craig MacTavish (1992-93 to 1993-94), Shayne Corson (1994-95), Kelly Buchberger (1995-96 to 1998-99), Doug Weight (1999-00 to 2000-01) and Jason Smith (2001-02 to 2006-07) in the succession of Oiler captains.

The team has also named four alternate captains. Ales Hemsky and Shawn Horcoff will be alternates for the home games, while Steve Staios and Jarret Stoll will be alternates on the road.

Moreau has some big shoes to fill, but I believe he'll do a superb job. I also like the unorthodox approach the team has taken with the alternates. It recognizes the leadership of veterans Horcoff and Staios, while grooming youngsters Hemsky and Stoll for the future. Two thumbs up. GOILERS!



the right choice.

Good stuff. I think Moreau will prove to be a good role model for the kids. He's from the Gator school of captaincy and that's a good school to be from, imo.

And they've got the assistants right too.

I like the rotating assistants, great idea!

Great choice!!!!!!!!!

Definately a good start to the season for Oil Country. Gagner is in the mix and now Moreau can begin to lead the team back to glory. I also agree with the rotating "A" as it helps spread the leadership to the players who have earned it and the players who may need it to take that next step.

four assistant captains? Thats like being assistant manager at Burger King: everybody starts at assistant manager! This reeks of management saying the players we want to be leaders, aren't.

Excellent choices all round! Only negative...the "C" highlights how stupid that new piping looks. Oh well. GOIL!

Didn't they have different "road assistants" and "home assistants" back in the Moreau-Marchant-Grier days?

I'm sure they did.

Are you referring to the shifting A's as unorthodox? Because I'm pretty sure they did this a few years ago, during the late Weight administration, too (I remember noticing this while watching a rerun of the '01 Dallas-Edmonton series on NHL Network last summer -- I think Devo, Smytty, Gator, and Rem were all A's).

Anyway, no real surprise here, on either the "C" or the various alternates. Seems like the best way to approach it, in terms of giving some of the younger vets some responsibility.

Finally, way to leave off Al Hamilton, Glen Sather, and Paul Shmyr. You'd think being the last surviving WHA team in its original city they'd have a little more respect for that part of their history when talking about stuff like this.

For the commenters - it's ALTERNATE Captain, not Assistant Captain. Good on Grabia and Doogie for getting it right, a lot of professional writers don't.

Couldn't agree more, Grabia. If it's one thing the Oilers do right, it's everything. I rate this move a 29 out of 29. 8 thumbs up.

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