Friday, October 12, 2007


AyOIL Technology

Most people think that the new 50 Cent track is about a stripper. I know better. The song is about Roberto Luongo.

She work it girl, she work the pole
She break it down, she take it low
She fine as hell, she about the dough
She doing her thing out on the floor
Her money money, she makin' makin'
Look at the way she shakin' shakin'
Make you want to touch it, make you want to taste it
Have you lustin' for her, go crazy face it
Now don't stop, get it, get it
The way she shakin' make you want to hit it
Think she double jointed from the way she splitted
Got you're head f**ked up from the way she did it
She's so much more than you're used to
She know's just how to move to seduce you
She gone do the right thing and touch the right spot
Dance in you're lap till you're ready to pop

Am I right, or am I right? Other notes:

• In this Oilers story on the powerplay, it says, "the new quarterback of Edmonton’s power play this season is Sheldon Souray." I sure hope not. The quarterback of the powerplay always better be Ales Hemsky. Let the turtle shoot, sure. But he better not be in charge. That's a worse idea than starting Rex Grossman.

• Check out this line from that same story: GAGNER LIKELY TO BE RE-INSERTED. Moving along...

• I now get much of my news through an RSS feed. It's fantastic. Everything I want, constantly updated, in one central location. I don't know how I ever lived without it, to be honest. But imagine my surprise when I opened up the Oilers feed to see the following headline:


Turns out "speaks" means "speaks out" or "speaks to..." Thank God. I was trippin'.

From side to side, let the ride, break it down (down down)
You know I like, when you hike and you throw it all around
Different style, different move, damn I like the way you move

• Back to back games against the 'Nucks. Home tonight, road tomorrow. True story: my uncle from Vancouver Island emailed me this morning just to tell me that the Canucks stink. I haven't seen any of their games this year (I did see highlights of Kesler getting his face rearranged, and Luongo leaping like Lanny Poffo after getting love-tapped by Langkow in the pre-season ), but I'll take his word for it. Especially since it makes me feel better. Either way, we've lost to them six straight times. I'd be really pleased to see that change this weekend.

Got a thing for that thing she got
The way she make it shake, the way she make it pop
Make it rain for us so she don't stop
I ain't got to move, I can sit and watch

• As usual, JJ has a good rundown on tonight's game.

Cogsy you're so new age, you like my new craze
Let's get together maybe we can start a new phase
The smokes got the rink all hazy, spotlights don't do you justice, playa
Why don't you score over there, and get me saying

Friday: 5-4, Oil. 3-1, Sox.
Saturday: 2-1, Oil. 6-4, Sox.


They might hit Carmona, but you think the Sox are going to beat my man Carsten Charles? Dream on d00d.

You think the Fat Man can handle Big Papi? 34 is gonna have him sweating like Orson Welles. Fo real.

Kick in the door, wavin the three-four
All you heard was Papi dont hit me no more


The reference to leaping lanny poffo made this whole post come alive for me.

Wasn't "Fitty" supposed to retire (or at the very least take speech pathology lessons) now that Kayne West's album outsold his?

Hemsky: -3, ouch.

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