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Sometime yesterday, The Battle of Alberta had its one millionth page view. This is rather exciting, as we're coming up on our 3rd season of existence: tomorrow will be the 2nd anniversary of this here site (I kicked it off on September 12, 2005 with this paean to Mark Messier).

Many thanks go out to the rest of the hockey bl*gosphere, especially Oilers and Flames bloggers, as well as to the fine commenters here who make things that much more interesting and entertaining.

Sacamano is back in Canada permanently, and his pop-ins may be a bit more frequent. Also, Andy's retirement output leaves little to be desired. As such, the never-started search for a new or additional Oilers contributor is on hold indefinitely -- until these two fine folks specifically instruct me otherwise.

What will Season 3 of the Battle of Alberta bring? Tough to say... if we were a TV series we'd be peaking, and then soon enough, jumping the shark. Are endeavours on teh intarweb destined to follow this same arc? Time will tell, although I wouldn't bet against it.

Lastly, a shout-out to our blogchildren:
Thanks for refining the form, and doing an excellent job!


Million views! That's the last time I feel good about my 50,000...

You guys deserve the traffic though. Easily one of the best blogs out there.

Tying in the Hypnotoad reference from the last post with this one, wasn't it Season 3 of Everybody Loves Hypnotoad that jumped the shark?

Congrats, blogdaddies!

Hasn't the phrase "jumped the shark" itself jumped the shark?

Congrats guys!

Earl, notice who the blogdaddies listed first.

The only good thing about this site is the Canuck fans that chime in from time to time :-)

In all seriousness though, You guys do a terrific job. The 'Terms of Battle' posts alone should be enough to win this place "best sports blog".

Earl, notice who the blogdaddies listed first.

Age before beauty...

Also Jass: "jump the shark" still is, and always will be, appropriate in reference to a TV series. In other contexts, agreed.

What about in the context of a guy actually jumping over a shark on a motorcycle?

Well, in that context I'd mainly be worried about what a shark was doing in the road (or, motorcycle doing in the ocean). In the context of a guy actually jumping over a shark on waterskis, I grudgingly concede it would be appropriate there as well.

Don't ever make fun of the Fonz, Matt. Not cool.

hey guys. i think the state of the union is stronger than ever which is why ive decided to take the plunge and start a blog. let me know what you think and please add me to your blog rolls. ill add boa once i figure out how to work blogger properly. thanks guys!


Congrats. I like the Grabia content but really missed the Matt/Sacamano chemistry, so am looking forward to having both representing the North this season.

That's awesome guys! Congrats!

Earl, notice who the blogdaddies listed first.

Yeah, like that's going to ruin my summer.

Next summer likely won't be ruined by anything either.

Happy one million, Battle of Alberta!

If I may shill my own blog for a moment on a related note, the South Smythian Rolo-Gator should celebrate its tenth page view sometime next week. So it's good times all around in the Oilogosphere!

Thanks for the link guys, and congrats on the big 1,000,000

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