Monday, September 17, 2007


Oilers Game Day: Preseason Division

Pre-Season Record: 0-0-0 Season Record: 0-0-0

Lineup Cards

Let's not beat about the bush. The most pressing issues facing Oilers fans this preseason:

1) Who will be the Oilers new whipping boy? And how long will it take to boo him out of town only to see him flourish elsewhere?

My vote: Matt Greene
Bonus Pick: Roloson

2) How long until Raffi's party starts again? And will the ladies at Hot Oil get the biznaz on compact flash this time?

I give it until Christmas.

3) There's a lot of new faces for which we require a lot of new nicknames.

4) How long until we see rubbish rumors about trading away our good young d-men?

Uhhhh, not long enough.

5) Do Rod 'n' Morley still have it, and will any of Rolie's saves tonight be diabolical?

Of course, if the rumour is true that Center Ice Online will be free during the pre-season, perhaps I'll watch that instead in the hopes of getting one of their gratuitous shower shots.

6) Who's the captain of this ship, anyway? Ethan? Staois? Greene?

7) Essay on a topic of your choosing

Sacamano's Prediction: 4-3 Oil with a Dvorak hat trick.


Good to see you back, Sacs. You need to kick some ass around here...there have been three BOA's in recent months that have not been discussed at all...some serious CFL hatin' goin on round here! ;)

So does this mean you're going to start posting again? Please? Then you and Andy can beat down on Matt ;)

I fear Pitkanen is going to get stuck with "Pit Bull" even if he turns out to play softer than a soapstone carving.

1) Dick Tarnstrom will inherit the Cross Curse that comes with #23. Bonus pick: The hometown fans will turn on Sheldon Souray for getting burned for a highlight-reel goal opening night.

2) If he's actually found a girl who can keep him out of trouble, June. If not, Thanksgiving.

3) All I know is that at some point, at least one name will involve a reference to testicles. Mark my words.

4) Last Friday, apparently.

5) Do they still have it? Generally. Will the saves be diabolical? Very likely.

6) Ethan, though I wouldn't say no to Staios (or "Steady Steve" to Kevin Quinn and possibly Steve's mom)

7) Essay topic: Inspired by Eric Francis, why will the Stampeders choke yet again in the Western Semis? Simple. It's Calgary. That's their shit. That's what they do. Smilin' Hank has crapped the bed two years in a row in the playoffs, and I'm not adverse to betting on that streak hitting three. It may be a small sample size, but I still smell a pattern, and again: it's not like there isn't a precedent in the city for long-term playoff futility.

Final score: 5-1 Oilers, Gagner with the hat trick, Hemmer with four assists, Penner fucks up Vokoun's knee five minutes into the second period, leading to a ten-minute melee, ejections, suspensions, etc. Old-fashioned hockey, you know? Oh, and for Sac's sake, Dvo with the lone Panthers goal.

How long until we see rubbish rumors about trading away our good young d-men?

Ha, it appears your Canadian is a little rusty following your extended travels there Sacamano.

I'm not sure if I am more ashamed of the British "rubbish" or the American "rumor".

Heh - good return, sac - complete with the Dvo - prediction.

Life is good.


Man, I miss that bugger.

my vote for whipping boy is souray. Fans hate highly paid players that cant play defense.


Reasoner with three assists in the first. "SQUEEEEEEE!!!"

Apparently the Yahoo boxscore had Fisher (Glenn) with two assists and three penalties.


Figure Brodziak is a little more ready for camp then last year?

Can someone post who's scoring (and who's getting assists)?

TSN don't have shit!

It's all on Yahoo. Here you go.

go to the Oilers website - although its not wholly accurate - they have Almtorp down for two goals (it was Brodziak) and a few guys have played over 70000 minutes of icetime. They are starting to get a little tired.

Looks like Roli kept them in it.

Yahoo also has that crazy TOI.

Yeah and the numbers are all off - Almtorp is Brodziak and other crazy shit.

And, Penner outmuscles someone, big surprise, and young Sam scores.

Nice pick by the looks of it. They are putting him in a position to succeed and he is doing alright. He will hit the wall, I presume, but nice pick.

He will hit the wall, I presume, but nice pick.

No kidding. Nice to see him play so well straight out of Junior.

Gagner IS the next Hockey Jesus.

The jersey numbers on the "official" scoresheet are are some of the names (but not many). Use the full roster from the Oiler site if you'd like to know who really scored, was on the ice for the goal scoring, etc.

Moreau-Reasoner-Brodziak were certainly high event at evens tonight. 3GF, 2GA out of the 8 scored at even strength. Still, that's a plus.

Looks like Le GG kicked the crap out of a guy on the Habs tonight. Dude was sent to the hospital.

I don't know how I feel about Penner wearing 27, or Gagner wearing 89.

I don't know how I feel about Penner wearing 27, or Gagner wearing 89.
#27 I'm fine with. I didn't cry when LGG wore the great Dave Semenko's number either.

But #89? Holy crap, is that ever setting off the Bad Omenometer in my mausoleum. I haven't seen a sign that bad since Tommy Gunn waterskiied over that shark right before the 2002 Olympics.

Andy Grabia said...

I don't know how I feel about Penner wearing 27, or Gagner wearing 89.

Me either. It's kinda.... well ..... creepy. What makes it even creepier is the fact that Penner is about Laraque's size and Gagner is Comrie's size.

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