Sunday, September 16, 2007


Oh God, No

Anson Carter has been invited to the Oilers training camp.

***Instantastic Update*** Carter is also playing in the Joey Moss Cup today, on a line with Rob Schremp and Kyle Brodziak. I wonder if I should get off my butt and head down to watch the game. The chance to see a line of Dustin Penner, Sam Gagner and Ales Hemsky is definitely appealing.


C'mon Carter! You can do it!!

Meh, what could it hurt Andy?

Our RW depth looks bleak, and Carter won't be kicking down the door with salary demands.

Our RW depth looks bleak, and Carter won't be kicking down the door with salary demands.

I'll believe that when I see it. He left the Sedins to play in Columbus, and that's all I'll say on that matter.

He's the biggest greedhead in hockey history, walking away from every team he's ever been on for money reasons. Remember, you can't spell CARTER without getting a lot of CANCER.,

You know your team is in trouble when Anson Carter starts to look like a pleasant option.

What way does he shoot again?

Sounds like the Penner-Gagner-Hemsky line is clicking.

Four of the last five Blue goals? Maybe.

In other news, 7-2? Has there ever been a beatdown that bad at the JMC?

If Carter finds the right linemates then you'll enjoy him, once again.
Other than that, I'd say Lord Bob hit the nail on the head.

4 points each from Hemsky, Penner and Gagner.

Should we be concerned that Roloson made 11 saves on 17 shots?

Some thoughts on Carter/the game:

Anson Carter didn't really do anything at all in the game, and Nilsson looked alright on a line with Torres and Stoll, so hopefully Nilsson will pull through.

Roloson didn't look sharp at all. Probably not time to get too worried. Plus, Garon did some nice things.

I think the most worrying part of the game for me was the White Team defence. Hemsky completely burned Grebeshkov wide on a goal. I'd say Bryan Young looked better than Grebs which isn't a good sign for Grebs. That said Bryan Young also had Hemsky, Penner, Gagner, Stoll, Torres and Nilsson on his team.

Also, Matt Greene played a pretty smart game. He seemed to be in good position most of the time and he was on the cover of the new schedules they were handing out! Face of the franchise!

I'll believe that when I see it.

Funny, that's my attitude to non-roster prospects in training camp. Unless they're bonafide blue chippers, I don't get my hopes up.

Although Nilsson seemed to do pretty well today...

Avi Schaumberg said...

Should we be concerned that Roloson made 11 saves on 17 shots?

I was wondering this too. He looked like he wasn't trying all that hard. I hope that is the case, cuz if he plays like that in the regular season, then the Oilers are seriously screwed.

I was joking with my friend that Team Blue should be the Oilers team this season, since they took it to team white all game long; save for Moreau who was pretty much Team White by himself. Schremp was dissapointing, I wouldn't have noticed him if I wasn't watching for him. Gagner-Penner-Hemsky line was magic. There's the Oilers 1st line right there. I doubt that Lowe and MacT will keep him with the big boys this season though.

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