Friday, September 07, 2007


Heart & Soul

Sláinte. Mazal Tov. A toast to our wounded and traded heroes. Have a great weekend, everyone.


"Wow, This is somethin'... It's just... something".

man oh man, there ain't many goals that can beat a SCF, shorthanded, OVERTIME game winner (i can only think of one, sigh).

get well soon, Fernie.

Oh Pisani...... oh man are we fucked.

That goal still gives me massive goosebumps, and will when I'm 95 and can't remember who the Oilers are anymore.


I'm starting a Canadian hockey blog, and am looking for one blogger for each of the six teams. One of the teams I still have yet to find someone to blog for is the Oilers. I was just wondering if you would have any interest in blogging for the Oilers on this blog. You can cross-post with your posts here if you want.

Just reply to let me know the interest level.

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