Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Flames 0-3 In Pre-Season

I counted 12 NHL regulars. So what's the excuse this time?


The stellar goaltending of Cory Schneider?

Michael Grabner's superb forechecking and amazing stick handling?

The emergence of Jason Jaffrey as a force in the NHL?

I can think of a few more :-)

errr...the Flames always stink at the start of the year?

Mike Keenan?

Global Warming (or climate change...or whatever it's being called now)?

The Falmes are just getting their losing to craptastic Eastern Conference non-playoff teams* out of the way, and following it up with a thumping against a Western Conference non-playoff team, just to give things some variety.

* - or as I prefer to call them, 'the AHL Eastern Division'

On a half-related note, when I saw 'N. Mciver' on that box-score, I just about said 'holy crap, one-time Oiler defenseman Norm MacIver is coming back? Isn't he, like, fifty?'

errr...the Flames always stink at the start of the year?

Do they always? I know Iginla has been a slow starter for forever...maybe he's contagious.

I assume you're just getting warmed up for meaningful trash talk during the regular season. Honestly, who the hell cares about the preseason?

Blinded by the new Vancouver sweaters.

The NEP.

Do they always?

Since the lock-out...yes. And Iginla was actually pretty good to start the year last year.

Why make an excuse? It's the pre-season. Big deal.

Besides, we're actually at two losses and a tie. ;)

Who's this poor R. Donnaly guy who had to serve all the penalties? (yahoo link)

The NEP.


Comment of the year.

So, will Alberta even show up and contend for the Northwest, or will both teams simply fold and accept their fate? :-)


Why all the attention on the preseason? Good or bad, all I care about is Keenan getting enough information to put the right players in the right spots once the regular season starts. Since they've pared down the list of players/rookies now, I'm hoping we'll see some work on setting up effective lines in the next few games. Once we see our two top scoring lines confirmed (and maybe one power play line), then we can start panicking/celebrating (depending on which side of the BOA you are on).

Kennan had a young player named Todd Bergen in Phili. He, Propp And Kerr were carry them to the final against Edmonton. Kennan did not like the huge praise that Bergen was getting in the media.
Bergen got limited minutes in the final. Propp and Kerr begged him to let Bergen Play First line.
He let his ego go before the need of the team. Kennan was such a dink.
Bergen told him he would never play the game with him again. Sat out part of a year and got traded to Minnesota.
Kennan's ego has not changed since. Florida proved that. I will trade the best goalie in the league for nothing before I will give into him.
I am looking forward to the destruction that is Mike Kennan. It gives us hope in the division.

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