Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Battle Game Day: What's Shaking (out)?

Tonight the Flames and Oilers match up for the second time this preseason; this time it'll be in that rickety old barn up north.

Both teams are coming off of shootout wins last night. Tonight's Oiler lineup will resemble Opening Night slightly more than last night's (at the back end), though MacT is still test-driving a whole bunch of rookie forwards. Roloson will presumably be in net, and apparently, so will Kipper.

Speaking of Kipper, the most instructive result from last night's game comes from these three items on the scoresheet:
So (A) Keenan didn't do what he's famous for, and yank the starter after two quick ones, and (B) this was obviously reinforced, by events, as the correct decision. I wasn't really concerned about head games before; I'm even less so now.

The Flames lineup isn't posted, so I don't have much to say about it. Oiler fans will be curious to see if the Pensky line is effective with Cogliano in the middle; I'm more interested to see who MacT uses them to pick on, as I'm guessing that Thoresen-Horcoff-Brodziak will be deployed against Tanguay and whichever veterans are alongside him (Iginla & Langkow played last night, but may well dress again; maybe it's Lombardi; dunno).

Prediction: Souray and Matt "Surging up the Depth Chart" Greene get exposed; Grebeshkov and Tarnstrom are on for more GA than GF; and the road team puts a damper on MacTavish's pumped-ness with a 5-2 win. Go Flames.


Amen brother.

Oilers storm out to a 3-0 lead, falmes fight back to tie only to see Souray blow one by Kipper on a late PP with Phanuef watching on from the box. Falmes fans are happy only because the puck hit the net instead of Kipper and killing him. Let's Go Oilers. Calgary Sucks

"Keenan didn't do what he's famous for, and yank the starter after two quick ones, and this was obviously reinforced, by events, as the correct decision. I wasn't really concerned about head games before; I'm even less so now"

Wow, you mean Keenan didn't yank his #1 tender in a pre-season game? What restraint!

Pensky line. I like that. "So George, do you think you are Pensky material?"

good calls Matt, over at my blog i'm calling a 6-2 flames win tonight.

it's gonna be a bloodbath. I'd feel sorry for the Coil if I didn't hate them so much. LOL

Over at my blog it's called quit spamming us with your url.

Did Cogliano actually get another goal? On Yahoo they give him credit, but say it's his first, so I have no idea if it's being wonky again.

Andrew Cogliano: Flame Slayer.

Everytime I see a post by Fever4falmes it makes me think of that old Looney tunes cartoon where to little dog jumps around the big dog going, " hey spike, hey spike, were pals, my great friend."

What a tool.

Cogliano scored right near the end of the first. Garbage goal.

Souray got one near the end of the second.

I'd say Cogliano has this team made.

where's fever4lames lately?

That F4F guy reminds me of the bottle kids on Trailer Park Boys. Shows up occasionally and throws some shit for comic relief. Seriously, he's so bad he's funny.

Wish I coulda watched the game tonight. Souray with another bomb. Seemed like a pretty good tilt (for pre-season) from what I could get on TSN.

What are we now, 5-1? Not bad. Not bad at all. Now we just need to do that when it counts.

Looks like Ales was dominant tonight.

Got Hemsky in my roto league, here's hoping he finally has that 90 point breakout season.

Hemsky to Souray wouldn't be an unwelcome refrain =).

After Roloson's performance as well, I still find myself debating whether to get him or Norrena though. I mean just how many games will the Oil win this season, and how many games will he play?

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