Thursday, August 02, 2007


Oilers Get Penner, Not Much Better

Sigh. We'll see, I guess.

Kevin Lowe: Joffrey Lupul, Ladislav Smid, Riley Nash, Dustin Penner, 2nd round (2008), 1st round (2008 or 2009)

Brian Burke: Chris Pronger, 1st, 2nd, 3rd round (2008)


So where can I send a gift to K.Lowe? Or maybe more pressingly, where does Penner send those gifts?

You need to send another gift? I thought the pic of CFP holding the Cup in the nude was more than enough, Earl.

I think putting each player's salary in parentheses would make the comparison even better.

How offbase is the prediction that the next Oiler GM buys out Dustin Penner's contract in 2009 or 2010?

Lets just pray that Penner is the type of guy to clip the all quotes from naysayers and use it as motivation.

I know I'm grasping at straws, but there's not much else to hold on to.

Shoot me.

I'll know its just business, Kevin, when you make an offer on a frickin' New York Ranger. Somehow I think Slats is sleeping easy.

Except they're two different deals that had nothing to do with each other. Hell, they weren't even both trades.

I think putting each player's salary in parentheses would make the comparison even better.

I concur.

Next, do one with Ryan Smyth and the players KLowe got in return from the NYI.

If you want see what Burke Really thinks of Penner pre signing Whinning. Go to Kulkas Korner.

Provided by Rod

The nice thing is this signing is setting a bar for RFA players.
Dion Phanuef 6M or BYE BYE.

Or do one like this:
+Penner, Nilsson, O'Marra, Plante
-Smyth, 1st, 2nd, 3rd 2008

Let's see where that stands in a few years. Could be interesting...

For those interested, here's Burke's April conference call transcript @ Kulka's.

After reading that transcript, my respect level for Brian Burke has definitely gone up. I will now assume that he played the victim today because he perceived it to be the best aesthetic way out of a moderately sticky situation.

If it were Getzlaf or Perry, on the other hand, I'd be less inclined to believe he was simply posturing.

Enough about the hockey, guys. Battle of Alberta coming up on Saturday. Someone needs to get a post up here to get some trash talk going!

Note that, while I'm a Riders fan, I do hate the Eskies more than the Stamps. Go Calgary! (Go far away from the endzone, ya sloppy bastards!)

I hate the CFL (though I love your site; how does that work?), so I'm probably not the one to do a preview.

Doesn't Sacamano usually drop in to post something on BoA day in the CFL?

And how can you hate the CFL? The rivalries are SO much more intense than the NHL. Every team in the CFL is a hated enemy (even Hamilton, though I feel bad for their fans so I'm rooting for them). The pointy ball is the shit, mang!

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